Tuesday, June 11, 2019

TCCDM Pulls One Out..."Mr. Flood's Party" (1969)

"Mr. Flood's Party" -  Mr. Flood's Party (1969)

Mr. Flood's Party was a psych band who left us this wonderful self-titled gem.  It's a slice of shadow psych...but not too dark.  Floaty, at times.  The arrangements are really interesting and the vocals are tight.  There are no shanks on this album.  No groaners.  It's all a good trip, and the aroma of incense floating around a blooping lava lamp would not be out of place.

The band hailed from NY and possibly took their name from a 1920's poem of the same name.  And I so dig the album cover.  I need to find a shirt or button with that image on it.  I've kept my eyes open for this album a long time but it's just not floating around in the wild.  Not for me to find anyway.  So this was a bit of a pony-up for me, but I think I did pretty good.  I made an eBay bid...fair, but lowball...and woke up the next morning with good news.  I don't eBay very often, but when do...I use the Ron Pompeii “Set it and forget it” bidding technique.  It usually fails, but every once in a while, I catch the ring.  $22 shipped for those curious. My copy is still in shrink with a saw-cut.  If you can find this one for under $30...you're getting a pretty good deal and should probably grab it.

"Mr. Flood's Party" (back)

Cotillion label

"The Liquid Invasion" - Mr. Flood's Party / "Mr. Flood's Party" (1969) 

A1  "Northern Travel" 6:29
A2  "Deja Vu" 4:55
A3  "Advice" 3:06
A4  "Prince of Darkness" 3:55
A5  "Simon J. Stone" 2:30
B1  "Stanley's Tea" 2:09
B2  "The Liquid Invasion" 4:09
B3  "Garden of the Queen" 3:39
B4  "The Mind Circus" 6:50

Freddy Toscano - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Michael Corbett - vocals, flute, percussion
Jay Hirsh - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Marcel Thompsen - guitar
Rick Mirage - bass
Tom Castagnaro - drums

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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