Monday, June 17, 2019

TCCDM In The Mailbox..."All Of Them Monsters" / Chancellorpink (2019)

"All Of Them Monsters" - Chancellorpink (2019)

"All Of Them Monsters" (2019) is a tricky balancing act between being madly in love and just being mad.  Chancellorpink (Ray McLaughlin)...singer/songwriter/musician from the great state of PA...has released his 5th album and it is some shimmery underground pop-rock that carries vocals that are very heavy neo-lounge.  Imagine Bowie and Bachrach walking into the Twin Peaks diner for a late night slice of cherry pie.  It's curious like that and I dig it.

"All Of Them Monsters" (back)

"All Of Them Monsters" (inside)

"All Of Them Monsters" (CD)

This is indie stuff, for sure.  But well-done indie.  Each song seems to create a wonderful conundrum of being catchy and slightly askew at the same time.  Not everything works, but Chancellorpink delivers more wheat than chaff.  The aptly titled, "Here To Haunt Me" and the lite-fuzz guitar gem "A Little Payback" are especially tight.  Also, the Alan O'Day song, "Angie Baby"...a #1 hit for Helen Reddy in the '70s...was an excellent and welcome surprise cover.  Overall,  "All Of Them Monsters" is an entertaining spin that rewards with every listen.  An absolute grower.  The CD package is beautiful and is available digitally as well.  (HERE)   Not a bad tightrope walk.  Go get you some.

"A Little Payback" - Chancellorpink / "All Of Them Monsters" (2019)

Chancellorpink Merchandise

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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