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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."These Things Too" - Pearls Before Swine (1969)

"These Things Too"  -  Pearls Before Swine (1969)

In 1969, Pearls Before Swine released their third album.  Led by singer-songwriter, Tom Rapp..."These Things Too" is considered by most fans to be the weakest PBS to this point.  Yet this is usually clarified with a ..." still pretty good album"...disclaimer.  Tom  Rapp's lyrics are always interesting, but hard to describe without doing injustice.  I'll just add that his chosen words feel...unexpected, but perfect.  There's some gentle psych-folk goings-on, but just a little.  Still, there is a cool trippy melancholy that wanders around your brain like Angie Dickinson at an art museum.  (Sorry, I just watched a DePalma film.)  And most of it works.  From almost all accounts, Pearls Before Swine never really put out a bad record.  Pretty much risk-free, if you like your folk rock with a dusting of psych.  Grab'em when you can find'em.
FWIW...The album cover depicts the 15th-cent painting of Christ by Giovanni Bellini.  Also in a later sleeve insert, Tom Rapp stated "These Things Too" was the first "Pearls Before Swine" album which reflected drug use in the writing of the songs.

"These Things Too" (back)

Reprise Records (orange/brown) 

"Look Into Her Eyes" - Pearls Before Swine / "These Things Too (1969)

A1  "Footnote" 1:16
A2  "Sail Away" 3:06
A3  "Look Into Her Eyes" 4:34
A4  "I Shall Be Released" 3:02
A5  "Frog in the Window" 1:36
A6  "I'm Going to the City" 2:27
A7  "Man in the Tree" 3:25
B1  "If You Don't Want To (I Don't Mind)" 3:20
B2  "Green and Blue" 0:22
B3  "Mon Amour" 2:04
B4  "Wizard of Is" 3:36
B5  "Frog in the Window" 3:36
B6  "When I Was a Child" 4:44
B7  "These Things Too" 3:24

Tom Rapp - vocals, guitar
Jim Fairs - guitar, harmony, Celeste
Wayne Harley - banjo, harmony
Elisabeth - vocals
Bill Salter - bass
Grady Tate - drums
Richard Greene - electric violin

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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