Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I Went...SI--SI--SIRIUS...All The Way Home (again)

(a short jaunt)

"The Doctor" - The Doobie Brothers - "Cycles" (1989)

I'm not crazy in love with it, but those wonderful Tom Johnston vocals are so familiar, it's hard to stay in a bad mood.  The original members got back together for this album and that's always a good time.  And this song, in particular, sounds like it could have been an outtake from one of the early “The Captain and Me" sessions.  Feels like a summer day.

"Arriving Somewhere But Not Here" - Porcupine Tree / "Deadwing" (2005)

This is pretty epic stuff.  It has a very gentle, but dark, Floyd-like intro ("Animals,” to my ears.) Then morphs into something more distorted.  The delicious outro returns to a dark floaty ambiance.  The lyrics are mysterious and haunting and add to the already psychy-prog setting.  Like there's more going on than what you think you hear.   12 minutes of perfect.  Porcupine albums, come to me.

"A Ride Back Home" - John Mellencamp  / "Life, Death, Love and Freedom" (2008)

I recently saw John Mellencamp perform back in April and I'm not so sure that he didn't play this one. Mellencamp played a lot of his less familiar songs that evening.  Unfamiliar, but entertaining just the same. “A Ride Back Home” is a beautifully simple, warm and weary song.  And it resonates a universal truth we all have felt at one time or another.  Like the artist trying to give a piece of himself away.  I've seen reviews touting this album as one of Mellencamp's best.  I haven't spun it yet, so maybe it is.  But I'm the jake who still believes, “Nothing Matters and What If It Did” is his real true gem.  I do know one thing.  I've shelved John Mellencamp away on more than one occasion, only to be pleasantly surprised by another 'lil bastard' gem like this one.  So I'll not be doing that again.  I expect, when all the smoke has cleared, JM's body of work will be looked at in an even more appreciative light.  I hope so anyway.


Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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