Monday, May 27, 2019

Horse Head Has An Idea:.."Bill Evans Gets Ready To Play" (1966)


Getting to watch jazz legend Bill Evans prepare for a television taping is like being a fly on the wall.  This was for a show in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1966...and we see everything!  We see Bill discovering that the piano the TV producers provided him has a funked-up damper pedal.  We see bassist Eddie Gomez ripping off runs, working his fingers and getting ready to go.  But more especially, we watch Bill Evans trying to catch the fill-in drummer, Alex Reid, up to speed.  Now Alex was no hack, he drummed for everyone all over Denmark...but Alex has an awful lot of information thrown at him to eat and has a very short time to digest it all.  So, you can almost hear Alex sweating.  Bill does try to relax his drummer, reminding him it is only a rehearsal.  But even then....the pressure can be felt.

And it’s nice watching Eddie trying to help chill out the new drummer who clearly does not want to let Bill Evans down.  And it's very cool watching Eddie try to lighten the mood.  But, of course. that's what you would expect from these real jazz masters of their craft.  Seeing all the banter and preparation is just amazing.  It's easy to see that Bill Evans will not suffer fools gladly.

This is 20-min of textbook stuff not to be missed. All music fans will love and appreciate the behind-the-scenes last-minute preparations in all its uncensored glory.

"Bill Evans Gets Ready To Play" - Bill Evans Preparing for a TV Taping (1966)

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Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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