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TCCDM Pulls One Out..."The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson" (1976)

"The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson" - King Crimson (1976)

This is a double-album compilation...of all things...and it's not bad for a first go-round.  Robert Fripp cherrypicked every song...pulling from the band's first 7 albums and also chose where each song would appear on the record.  Fripp also included a couple of interesting and lesser-known tracks for the comp, as well, which is very cool.

The first surprise is the alternate version of "I Talk To The Wind" with Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention) taking lead vocals.  Nice, but doesn't outshine the more familiar Greg Lake version.  The other bonus is the B-side track "Groon" that was only released as the flip to their single, “Cat Food.” (1970)  Both were pretty rare listens at the time.

The gatefold artwork is excellent, both front and back.  Weird, cool and fun to display.  The album also comes with a 20-page booklet filled with band history and photos and critic reviews that Fripp collected throughout the early years as well as band member contributions.  It's supposed to be really nice.  But don't take my word for it.  My copy was missing the booklet.  To be honest, I didn't even know the album came with goodies.  "Hate when that happens!"   King Crimson has released better compilations since this 1976 offering, but this one was their first and it's still a good one to dip your toe in.  It would be another five years before the band would release their next studio album, "Discipline" (1981) kicking off another fruitful chapter in the Crimson canon.

"The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson" (back)

"The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson" (inside gatefold)

Island Records (orange/blue palm tree)

 "Epitaph" - King Crimson / "In The Court of the Crimson King" (1969)

A1  "Epitaph" 8:52
A2  "Cadence & Cascade" 3:36
A3  "Ladies of the Road" 5:27
A4  "I Talk to the Wind" 3:15  (vocals Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention), not Greg Lake.
B1  "Red" 6:18
B2  "Starless" 12:17
C1  "The Night Watch" 4:38
C2  "Book of Saturday" 2:52
C3  "Peace - A Theme" 1:14
C4  "Cat Food" 2:43
C5  "Groon" 3:30  (B-side of "Cat Food")
C6  "Coda From Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part I" 2:09
D1  "Moonchild" 2:24
D2  "Trio" 5:36
D3  "In the Court of the Crimson King" 9:21

Robert Fripp - guitars, mellotron, devices (all)
Bill Bruford -  drums, percussion
Boz Burrell - bass, vocals
Mel Collins - saxes, flute
Michael Giles - drums, percussion, b-vocals
Greg Lake - bass, vocals
Ian McDonald - woodwinds, reeds, keyboards, mellotron, vocals
John Wetton - bass, vocals
Peter Giles - bass
Gordon Haskell - vocals
Robin Miller - oboe
Jamie Muir - percussion, voice
Keith Tippett - piano
Ian Wallace - drums
David Cross - violin, viola, voice
Peter Sinfield - words (1, 2 & 15)
Judy Dyble - vocals (4)

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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