Friday, March 8, 2019

I Went...SIRIUS...All The Way Home

(a short jaunt)

"Terrifying" - Rolling Stones / "Steel Wheels" (1989)

It has that dated 80s mix but, dang it, this song rocks.  Bill Wyman is playing one-man ping pong underneath.   And Keef is playing odd guitar chords.  I really like the muted horn minimally dancing in and out on the outro. I've never given the album a fair listen,  but I imagine this tune is a pretty underrated song in their catalog. I'd never heard it.  This was their 21st American studio album.

"Key To The Highway" - Derek and the Dominos / "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" (1970)

A lot of people have covered this.  This is the version my ears are most familiar with.  It's a good blues rock jam. Clapton and Duane.  It's like, "Okay, watch what I can do!”  Like I said, it is good.  But I always thought the song was too long and...meh.  The song just gets lost when surrounded by so many other great ones on the album.  I probably play that side the least because of "Key..."  However, once it's spinning, I seldom lift the needle.

"Beside You" - New York Rock & Roll Ensemble / "Roll Over" (1971) wisps of smoke.  Haunting ghosts.  Beautiful melody.  Who were these guys?  Never see any of their albums floating around...but will keep an eye out.


Casey Chambers

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