Sunday, August 26, 2018

Horse Head Has An Idea...


"Rituals" (1977) has often been compared to the classic film, “Deliverance”...and while there are a few similarities..."Deliverance," this one ain't.  Still, it's a fun watch.

A group of guys take a vacation together for a little male-bonding adventure.  This time...getting dropped off in the middle of the boonies for a 5-day camping trip.  As you would expect, there are arguments, injuries, treacherous rapids and, of course, someone in the woods trying to scare them...or worse.

"Rituals" (1977)

It's strange to see a young Hal Holbrook flexing his chops in this film, 'cause my eyes keep flashing...'Mark Twain in the membrane.'  But once I shook that image from my head, it was all good.  “Rituals” has almost become the red-headed stepchild in the ‘predator-in-the-woods’ cash cow genre.  But it's still a pretty good movie to take for a ride.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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