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Horse Head Vinyl...Dig and Spin: "Take Another Look" - Soul Survivors (1969)

Soul Survivors  --  "Take Another Look" (1969)
blue-eyed funk & soul, psych dust
2nd album.  
On ATCO (yellow w/pinwheel) 
11 tracks

Horse Head Vinyl..."Dig and Spin" (#5)

I picked this album up because the cover was mind-trippy and I'd never seen it in the bins before.
Even the name...Soul Survivors...sounded like it might bring a bit of psych.
But the band name is much more literal than abstract.

"Take Another Look" - Soul Survivors (back cover)

That's okay though because this was a surprising treat.
These white guys from Philly honor the genre sincerely.  Has that early '70s soul sound I could listen to all day.
Not a throwaway song in the bunch.  Soulful and funky and tight.

(BTW...the band Soul Survivors were mentioned in the Steely Dan..."Hey Nineteen")

ATCO label

"Mama Soul"...released as single. Didn't make much of a dent. But it's kick-ass better than chart #.
"Darkness"...nice Hammond.  And they sneak in welcome, albeit short, psych guitar midway. (rumored to be Duane Allman) Yeah, really.
"Got Down on Saturday"...a rainstorm opens the song...then proceeds to get into your head like an old memory. The vocals are fantastic.  A lost gem.

A1. "Dawn" - 7:03
A1. "Funky Way to Treat Somebody" - 2:39
A2. "Baby, Please Don't Stop" - 2:45
A3. "Jesse" - 3:13
A4. "Mama Soul" - 2:35
A5. "Darkness" - 2:52
B1. "We Got a Job to Do" - 2:30
B2. "Keep Your Faith, Brother" - 2:56
B3. "Tell Daddy" - " 2:17
B4. "Got Down on Saturday" - 3:03
B5. "(Why Don't You) Go Out Walking" - 2:20
B6. "Turn Out My Fire" - 2:51

"Darkness" - Soul Survivors / "Take Another Look" (1969)

  • Charles Ingui - vocals
  • Richard Ingui - vocals
  • Kenny Jeremiah - vocals
  • Edward Leonetti - guitar
  • Tony Radicello - bass
  • Paul Venturini - keyboards
  • Joey Forgione - drums
  • others
Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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