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Horse Head Vinyl...Dig and Spin: Big Brother & The Holding Company - Self-titled (1967)

Big Brother & The Holding Company  --  Self-titled (1967)
Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Psych dust, Hippie Rock
Debut album.
On Mainstream Records (blue w/microphone)
10 tracks.

Horse Head Vinyl..."Dig and Spin" (#6)

I'd been looking for a copy w/o Janis Joplin's name on the front cover and this one is a really clean copy.
This is notable for being Joplin's introduction to our ears and she fronts on a few songs but this is very much a group effort.

There's plenty of vocal interaction between the band members and Janis and it's a joy.  This album has more of a Country Joe and the Fish vibe than what would follow, but they're definitely working it out.  The band sounds really good.

Big Brother & The Holding Company ----- "self-titled" (back cover)

But clocking in at 23 minutes, the album is really short. There are a couple of tunes where a good stretch would have been more than welcome. Nonetheless...I enjoyed all of this record.

Mainstream Records label

For Cherry-Pickers:
"Call On Me"...fantastic Ms. Janis frontin' like she does.
"Light is Faster Than Sound"...groovy psych.
"All is Loneliness"...the lost gem closing track. Psychy, w/vocals trading back and forth. Good stuff!
"Easy Rider"...very Country Joe. Janis' backing vocals are a giggle treat!

A1. "Bye, Bye Baby" - 2:29
A2. "Easy Rider" - 2:24
A3. "Intruder" - 2:27
A4. "Light is Faster Than Sound" - 2:27
A5. "Call On Me" - 2:27
B1. "Women is Losers" - 2:00
B2. "Blindman" - 2:26
B3. "Down on Me" - 2:25
B4. "Caterpillar" - 2:14
B5. "All is Loneliness" - 2:17

"Light is Faster Than Sound" - Big Brother & the Holding Company / Self-titled (1967)


  • Janis Joplin - vocals
  • Peter Albin - bass
  • Sam Andrew - guitar, vocals
  • David Getz - drums
  • James Gurley - guitar, vocals
Good stuff.


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