Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Five Favorite Vinyl Community YouTube Channels

Five Favorite Vinyl Community YouTube Channels

Vinyl collecting is fun. Whether trying to flip through a couple of tightly packed boxes dropped off at a local Goodwill.  Or digging through a record stash hidden under a garage sale table...almost always with the name Laurie written on each one.  It's all good, 'cause sometimes you get lucky and find a few to take home.  

The only thing that could make this addictive hobby any better...(aside from dropping the shipping charges on all online purchases) to meet some friends who share the same passion.  

Well, the Vinyl Community Channel on YouTube has plenty of lovers of the record hunt.  Ordinary people displaying their recent finds and talking a bit about them.  They show the entire album.  Not just the front, but the back cover, as well.  And, if the album is a gatefold, the inside...which is almost never seen unless you're lucky enough to own it.  

If you love albums or are just curious about the vinyl buzz, you will find these videos fascinating and entertaining.  I don't know the exact number of members in the VC, but there are plenty to wet your appetite for the hunt.  Your personal tastes will ultimately have you gravitating to a few who strike the right chords...and you will want to subscribe to their channels.

Here are my Five Favorite VC Subscriptions.

Matt Sands

Matt is "DJ Mellow Yellow" and, along with "The Psych Professor" show their spoils from recent vinyl hunts and online purchases with a pleasing amount of enthusiasm and description.  Count on them displaying the FBI (Front, Back, Inside) of an album. They also do a weekly radio broadcast called "The Psychedelic Experience" worth checking out as well.

The Hogs Ear Report

Ron is The Hogs Ear Report...and it is a wonderful show filled with mostly garage/psych vinyl finds. Both lps and 45s.  Each show is an education on what's out there.  Bands we've heard of...and bands we haven't, but should check out.  Ron's joy sharing his vinyl collection is infectious and a lot of fun. Ditto on displaying the FBI.

Tim Allan

On a vinyl prowl, Tim is just as likely to pick up an album for the kitschy, cool, weird cover factor, as for the music.  And I'm down with that.  Tim has his favorites, but he's open to all genres.  And for this reason, ya just never know what he'll show.  He justifies his likes and dislikes without prejudice.  Ditto on displaying the FBI.  Also check out his weekly vinyl podcast called "The Snap, Crackle & Pop Vinyl Hour."

Earhead Six

Bo (aka Earhead Six) posts videos that are usually short, but never rushed.  He knows a thing or two about records. Owns quite a few grails...but still finds joy in the smaller discoveries.  Ditto on the FBI.  Always worth watching.


Another VC member I absolutely never miss is Spudboy.  And don't let the middle age paunch and thinning hair fool ya. He's lived and rocked as hard as any of us.  Probably harder.  This Kanadian Kat is a great sharer of interesting minutiae about the music and the vinyl. Totally at-ease before the camera.  Ditto on displaying the FBI.

All these guys are enthusiastic, smart, and fun.  All in just the right doses.  Check'em out...and then check out some others from the VC, as I intend to do.  If you have a favorite or two of your own...let me know.

Happy hunting...and never lean your albums near a space heater.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers

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Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm subscribed to each of these Vinyl Community stalwarts already Casey. Great guys and fun to watch.

Bkkersey93 said...

How can you not have Vinyl Eyezz?