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Lost Book Gem: "Around The World In Eighty Days" - Jules Verne (1873)

"I am
the backwards traveller.
Ancient wool unraveller."

-- Wings --

Phileas Fogg, the phlegmatic "nothing worries me" guy, must travel around the world and only has eighty days to do it.  A feat believed nigh on impossible...or his entire fortune is burnt toast. 

And all because of a spur of the moment wager he strikes up with a swell bunch of snooty fellas down at the Gentleman's Reform Club.  Talk about your no-nonsense itinerary!

Jules Verne
 French novelist
 1828 - 1905

Fogg, along with his new servant, Passepartout, (I pronounce it 'Pass-the-potatoes" for fun) encounter one frustrating obstacle after another.  Bad guys, bad drugs, bad weather, bad fish, and a bad tribe named Sioux.

Along with all that, Fogg squeezes in time to rescue a young lady in harms way.  Actually his servant's the hero, but Fogg has all the dough, so he gets to bake the cinnamon rolls...(if you get my drift.)  And putting the spoiled cherry on top, some misinformed dick keeps slowing him down trying to arrest him.

Just to set the record straight, there's NO hot-air balloon within a hundred miles of Jules Verne's adventure...regardless what many book-covers show.

Not Verne's best, but still a good adventure.
There's danger. There's humor.  There's eighty days.

"Backwards Traveler" - Wings / London Town (1978)

Hey, did you know that I'm
Always going back in time
Rhyming slang, auld lang syne my dears
Through the years
I am the backwards traveller
Ancient wool unraveller
Sailing songs, wailing on the moon
And we were sailing song, wailing on the moon
Wailing on the moon.

Good stuff.

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