Friday, April 6, 2012

Lost RADIO Gem: "Street Corner Serenade" - Wet Willie (1978)

"I still think about those happy days and our street corner serenade."
--> Wet Willie <--

Lost "Radio" Gem:...a single that may have charted, but deserved better.

Wet Willie, for better or worse, has been cataloged under the Southern Rock flagship...but they had a decidedly different way of delivering the noise.

Led by Jimmy Hall's solid blue-eyed vocals and tight sax/harp play, Wet Willie brought a unique funkiness to the genre.

Never heavy on the guitar, (ala Skynyrd, Outlaws)...Wet Willie were more a of southern Southside Johnny and were always under-appreciated.
Wet Willie
When..."Manorisms" (1978)...was recorded, Wet Willie had mostly left the SR genre behind for a more soulful rock presence and it turned out to be their best album since their definitive "Keep On Smiling" (1974).

Lost Radio Gem: "Street Corner Serenade" (#30 BB charts) a simple, catchy, roll down your window feel good jam. It has a "Boys Are Back In Town" vibe without the thunder...but with the same...summer's here... attitude. Vocals and harmonies are perfect.

Have you heard this gem?

Down on the corner back in my home town
Me and the fellows used to gather round
We sang a song with a happy beat
I can still hear that harmony
When we sang de de de de de Whoa
De de de de de whoa yea yea
De de de de de whoa
De de de de de whoa

Guido he's the one who sang down low
Crazy Johnny was our baritone
I'm the one who took the lead
And little Jackie made our song complete
When he sang de de de de de whoa
Made me feel alright
De de de de de whoa yea yea
De de de de de whoa
Come on sing it now
De de de de de whoa
And then we sang ahhhhhh oww
Ah ha haaaaaa oww woo hoo ah oww

I still think about those happy days
And our street corner serenade
Maybe someday we'll get together again
Down on the corner me and my old friends
We'll sing de de de de de whoa
Feel alright de de de de de whoa
We could sing all night
De de de de de whoa
Come and sing it with me
De de de de de whoa
De de de de de whoa

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers
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Cliff B. Tucson said...

Wow.That was 39 years ago and it took me back! Beautiful melody. One of my favoite all time songs. It feels real good..

Cliff B. Tucson said...

Wow! That song is 39 years old. It took me back. It feels real good. Beautiful melody.