Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lost RADIO Gem: "Hard Work" - John Handy (1976)

"Hard work.Hard work."--> John Handy <--

(Lost "Radio" Gem:...a single that may have charted, but deserved better.)
Smokin' jazz great...John Handy......and his bumblebee alto sax has been melting wax as leader or sideman for nearly 50 years. And will forever be recognized for giving us one of the great jazz albums..."Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival" (1965).

This was an incredible must-own burner with a quintet led by Handy and made up of brilliant, hungry newcomers..including Wichita's very own guitarist...Jerry Hahn.
Handy took the reins again on "Hard Work" (1976)...a tasty offering of jazz with a surprising R&B flavor. And though the album was a little hit-or-miss for jazz your own ears. There's good stuff to be found.

Lost Radio Gem: "Hard Work" (#43 BB Charts)...a smoldering jazz-funker. John Handy's sax-blow is epic sick...burning with blue collar matches. Once heard, hard (work) to forget.

Have you heard this gem?

Good stuff!

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