Monday, April 30, 2012

Lost Gem: "Electric Phase" - UFO (1977)

"This electric phase...ain't no teenage craze."
--> UFO <--

Another great Classic Rock album from UFO...and one that never received much radio justice.

Plenty of good stuff on..."Lights Out" rattle your ceiling fans and poltergeist your curtains.

These guys are terribly underrated and almost faceless in the States.  But just put your ears on...and then try to explain how they don't make the 'A' list.

This is UFO

Lost Gem:--> "Electric Phase" a great song buried deep on side two. Classic Michael Schenker stokes the blazing rock-oven with churning guitar riffs.  And under-appreciated singer Phil Mogg carries the news that your daughters are gonna reach out and touch someone.  A nice bit of slide and bass underneath, as well.

Have you heard this gem?

On the wires I can hear you comin'
With a rush and a strummin'
This electric phase ain't no teenage craze
In your house a phone is ringin'
Just a hot touch that keeps lingerin'
You said loving's easy only if you please
All I need is communication
Not a line on your reputation
I don't want a handshake
There ain't no big mistake

There's no illusion in this wild confusion
Who knows I'm crazy, no chance of maybe
I'd like to know you better
But I"m goin' down so fast
Help me now to feel it, I just can't conceal it
Sweet time I've got to show you how it's really got to be
Just let me be alone, left with your dialing tone

There's no illusion in this wild confusion
Who knows I'm crazy, no chance of maybe.

Good stuff!

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