Friday, April 13, 2012

Gems In My Mailbox!

Time For Mailbox Gems!

The Lawsuits
"Hot Love"

I've had The Lawsuits playing steadily through my car speakers all day. With a refreshing Americana synergy, solid vocals propound lyrics about missed chances and close calls...almosts and do-overs. This five-member band outta PA play good time loose but never sloppy. They're having fun but they intend on keeping all the marbles.

"Hot Girls Make Porn" - The Lawsuits

Houka Monks
"Houka Monks"

The passive/aggressive rock funkiness from Houka Monks is both radio-fresh and pleasingly strange. Like a mysterious Ray Bradbury traveling carnival show that sets up in the middle of the night - You might have trepidations about going...but you're absolutely going just the same.

"Halleluja" - Houka Monks

"Bury Me In The Country"

This alt-blue-country band still shows veneration to the traditional mountain spices...but Dastardly hangs out the laundry like Violent Femmes with a Black and Decker moonshine kit. Original songs zig and zag with precise and unexpected arrangements. Dastardly aren't the first to swag tradition...but they're certainly one of the good'uns.

"Fever" - Dastardly

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers
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