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Lost Stream Gem: "I Like Killing Flies" (2004)

"You don't have to tell the neighbors.
A little silence ain't no sin."
--> John Prine <--

There is a moment when Kenny Shopsin proudly recounts the time his wife brashly walked between 2 masked men holding up a fast food place because she needed more ketchup for her french fries.

It is this kind of moxy that makes..."I Like Killing Flies" (2004) an oddly compelling documentary. Opinionated chef Kenny a long-standing owner of a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Greenwich Village.   His ball. His rules.  Or get the f*** outta here.

It’s been rumored he was the inspiration for Seinfeld’s famous ”Soup Nazi” episodes (he wasn’t) but comparisons are easily found.
Kenny Shopsin
Documentaries (good ones anyway) present their subject...flaws and all.  Never overstay their welcome. And create a memory burn long after the film has been streamed. This one succeeds on all 3 counts.

The film is tagged with an 'R' rating for language. However, the 'f' words are not meant to inflame, but are simply being used in common everyday vernacular.

 I suppose many will find Kenny's attitude the most offensive, but by film's end...his prickly foul-mouthed ways are almost charming. I’ll take sour honesty over sweet phoniness any day.

"Quit Hollerin At Me" 
 John Prine / Lost Dogs + Mixed Blessings (1995)

I don't want your big French Fry
I don't want your car
I don't want to buy no soap
From no washed-up movie star
You are so much louder
Than the show I wanna hear
With your sugarless gum
Gee, but I'm dumb
Non-alcoholic beer
It's enough to make a grown man
Blow up his own TV
Quit hollerin' at me
Quit hollerin' at me

I heard you the first time
I heard myself say
Seems like the little woman
Is getting bigger every day
You don't have to tell the neighbors
A little silence ain't no sin
They already think my name is
Where in the hell you been?
Louder, louder, louder, louder, louder
Quit hollerin' at me
Quit hollerin' at me
Whoa oh whoa oh
Sweet Serenity.

Ain't it great at the end of the day
When there ain't no sound around
Just me and the fence post
Staring each other down
Nothing but a big bunch of nothing
Driving me insane
Cause there ain't no voice that's louder
Than the one inside my brain
Hey you go on
Go on and let me be
Quit hollerin' at me

Good stuff!

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