Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lost Stream Gem: "Alphaville" (1965)

"We are programmed just to do anything you want us to."
--> Kraftwerk <--

One of the allures of older sci-fi films is the message and vision the director tries to bring to front.

Director Jean-Luc Godard creates a bleak, black-n-white futuristic world in a wonderfully odd film-noirish style.

"Alphaville" (filmed on the streets of Paris) is a futuristic city controlled by a super-computer with a nasty wet-phlegm voice. It demands a society of hollow people void of emotion and free thought.

To assist in sucking away all human feelings...the creative arts of every medium have been completely eliminated. (Or else death will be your Santa Claus).

Eddie Constantine
Eddie Constantine brings a great added noir flavor to the film as the haggard secret agent...Lemmy Caution. No flash or pose. A perfect choice.

The film is subtitled but don't let this deter you. Dialogue is comfortably paced and easy to follow. And despite (or because) being made almost 50 years ago, it fascinates on many delicious levels.

"The Robots" - Kraftwerk (1978)

We're charging our battery
And now we're full of energy
We are the robots

We're functioning automatik
And we are dancing mechanik
We are the robots

Ja tvoi sluga (=I'm your slave)
Ja tvoi Rabotnik robotnik (=I'm your worker)

We are programmed just to do
anything you want us to
We are the robots.

We're functioning automatic
and we are dancing mechanic
we are the robots

Casey Chambers

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