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The Horse Head Five...with Nathan Patrick

"I wish there were more songs with no lyrics."
--> Nathan Patrick <--

  • Served in the USMC and began performing original poetry in Honolulu.
  • Helped organize open mics for artists of all variety at College Hill Coffeehouse in Winfield, KS and The Blank Page in Wichita, KS.
  • At 35, Nathan has added stand-up comedy to his resume.

HORSE HEAD: Tell me about an older album/CD you think has been forgotten or underrated. A song.

NATHAN PATRICK: Well I never thought Todd Snider got enough credit for "Songs from the Daily Planet" (1994).
"Songs From The Daily Planet"

And I've always enjoyed Frente!'s..."Marvin the Album" (1992) and Belly's... "Star" (1993). Each were nicely done.

My underrated song would be..."Helicopters" by Barenaked Ladies (2000). Very impressive. And one I don't think ever enjoyed much fanfare.

"Helicopters" - Barenaked Ladies

HORSE HEAD: Recommend me a really good novel.
NATHAN PATRICK: The classic novel that gave me respect for classic novels is "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (1852) by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Another novel I rather enjoyed was "Lord Of The Barnyard" (2000) by Tristan Egolf.

"...Painfully funny debut novel of a town's dirty laundry."
(Amazon Books)

What's an older movie you enjoyed that others might like revisiting?NATHAN PATRICK: The first one to come to mind is... "Masked and Anonymous" (2003)...a great movie with an all-star cast. Bob Dylan, John Goodman, Jessica Lange, Jeff Bridges, Penelope Cruz, Luke Wilson...and it just got no press here in the States.
A surreal film about an aging rock star, Jack Fate (Dylan)returning home for a benefit concert.

Who's an artist (any genre/medium) that deserves more attention?

NATHAN PATRICK: I wish there were more songs with no lyrics. I prefer to hear my own thoughts. Bonobo and Moby do a good job of this. Most of their songs only have a few lyrics and those few tend to be socially responsible.

"D Song" - Bonobo (2003)

If there are lyrics, I want them to be meaningful. I want them to say something. That is why I am so disappointed in most radio-pop. So many of these artists don't have the decency to leave the lyrics out of their songs when they have nothing to say.

HORSE HEAD: If you stream, what's the last thing you watched? A DVD?NATHAN PATRICK: I just got done watching "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" (2009) on NetFlix.
A graduate student copes with a recent breakup
by conducting interviews with various men.

Much like the way a nice piece at a symphony or a solid modern dance performance might, it drew tears from me. I found it very fascinating. Sad, deep and meaningful.

And now...some poetry and photography courtesy of NATHAN PATRICK.
"Future, Past, Present, And?"

What is the Future?
We stand just before finish line and take a step,
Only to find the line moves with us,
so that our foot lands firmly in front of the finish line.
We take another step with the same results.
Bewildered we jog awkwardly on,
then sprint, gaining grace.
Soon we tire and begin to walk.
We die on the threshold of the future and are flung into the past.
What is the Past?
Why should we recall the remote?
Though we cannot change them,
we remember things that were,
and things that could have been.
It is even less an option to take a step backward,
than to cross the finish line.
We who try find only null results.
We are stuck in the present.
What is the Present?
(this instantaneous explosion of action)
How long does it last?
It will diminish at the sight of the future,
at the same time it fades away into the past.
What has been written is the past.
What will be written is the future.
What I am writing is the present.
Yet, you read it presently as one work, from the past.
Beings can only affect consensus-reality in the present.
To that extent, life only exists in the present.
The past and the future are illusions,
merely constructions of our adaptive mind.
In terms of our experience of reality, Now is Forever.

Nathan Patrick Photography - Wiyos of OZ
Taken at Orpheum Theater in Wichita KS on May 27th, 2010,
during a performance of “The Wiyos of Oz,”

(An original production created by the Wichita State University Dance Program
in collaboration with WSU Media Resource Center
and the New York based band The Wiyos

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