Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lost Stream Gem: "The Deadly Trackers" (1973)

"Man comes home,chase the crowds in the rain.
That's a vigilante man."
--> Nazareth <--

I enjoy the occasional Western from time to time...but rarely am I surprised by the methodology the movie chooses to take from point A to point B.

"The Deadly Trackers" is a wonderfully weird and extremely violent journey of vengeance. Sure, the vengeance theme is familiar enough...but the cast of characters thrown into the mix are a tripper's dream.

Richard Harris

Richard Harris is the pacifist Texas sheriff who quickly gets over that...when his family are killed in a bank robbery gone bad. Then he becomes a one-track-minded terminator.

The antagonists in this film are Rod Taylor, the snake-nasty leader of a snake-nasty gang that include...
  • one mentally-challenged muscle head.
  • one flashy-glam black cat gambler.
  • one angry hoss with a heavy chunk of train-rail grafted to his arm from the elbow down...(I'm not kidding)...and played by the always entertaining Neville Brand.
Neville Brand

Even the opening sequence...a storyline shot of stills with the film an unusual quirky vibe.

Whether by accident or is this strangeness that makes for a surprisingly gritty film.

"Vigilane Man"  -  Nazareth / Razamanaz (1973)

Have you seen that vigilante man
Have you seen that vigilante man
Have you seen that vigilante man
I've been hearin' his name all over this land.

Lonely nights down in the engine house
Sleepin' just as still as a mouse
Man comes home, chase the crowds in the rain
That's a vigilante man.

Vigilante man.
Vigilante man.

Well I ramble around from town to town
Ramble 'round from town to town
And they hunted us a while like a wild herd of cattle
That's a vigilante man.

Tell me why does that vigilante man
Tell me why does that vigilante man
Carry that sawed off shotgun in his hand
Would he shoot his brother and sister down.

Casey Chambers

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