Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost Book Gem: "Endurance" - Alfred Lansing (1959)

"Let me keep on sleeping
orget that I'm alone.

One day of faceless living
is 24 hours too long."
     --> Angel City <--

In this amazingly true adventure, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his handpicked crew of 27 men attempt to cross the Antarctic in a 3-masted wooden ship named the Endurance.

Alfred Lansing's straightforward telling of the crew's extreme day-to-day living conditions are nothing short of harrowing. What starts off as a journey of exploration quickly becomes an exercise in stayin' alive.
(And I'm not talking Saturday Night Fever.)

Shackleton observing his men saving one of their boats.

Forced to evacuate the ship or risk being crushed by the ice...the crew seek refuge on a moving ice floe. For 17 months, these strong-willed men have death looming over their shoulders.
Daily battles with Mother Nature are a constant. No one else knows where they were and no way to call out for help.

Fascinating still, was the leadership and managing skills Shackleton employed.  Everyone survived!

The Angels - "Face The Day"  Dark Room (1980)

I don't wanna face the day
I don't wanna face the day
I don't wanna face the day, the day, today
Long night leaves me stranded
black visions, danger signs
no love, need protection
feels like I'm on production line
daggers of dawn, cold-hearted day
why does it have to be morning?
cover my head, stayin' in bed
too late, the luckless warning.

I don't wanna face the day, the day, today.
I don't wanna face the day, the day, today.

Outside, screaming city
red lights and hungry eyes
sucks like a space invader
the vacuum of its lies
stealing my strength, stealing my time
it's raining in a world of traders.

Let me keep on sleeping
forget that I'm alone
one day of faceless living
is 24 hours too long.

Give the night, it's more forgiving
hold back the light from my eyes
please stay invisible darkness
can't see the tears I cry
I know it's coming loaded with nothing
trapped in a tunnel of time.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

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