Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lost Gem: "Wellsville" - Embarrassment (1981)

"Offered us his hospitality
but of course...
we were too busy."
--> The Embarrassment <--

The Embarrassment (Embos to their fans) were four young guys who seemed to have dropped through a weird..."CBGB Time Crack"...that borned them smack dab in the middle of ...Wichita, KS?

Freshly original, Embarrassment were off-center but always on target, making music that connected with the stressed-out and the left-out.

They were penguins on the prairie. They were kool.
Casey Chambers...In the daytime...In the sunshine.

LOST GEM:--> "Wellsville"...a great roadtrip song with snapping drumbeats and bass runs. Snaggly guitar trim from Bill Goffrier almost disguises vocalist John Nichols' regret of rushing through life.

Have you heard this gem?

Driving fast down the road
on the highway
I guess so
We stopped just past the Flint hills
there's a sign
it was Wellsville.

Met a country man
willing to lend a hand
fix the car
run the land
down to earth
man stands so tall
he informed us
of the sky and the rainfall.

pass by life
(pass it by)
pass by Wellsville

Offered us his hospitality
but of course
we were too busy.

pass by life
(pass it by)
pass by Wellsville.

in the daytime.

pass by life
(pass it by)
pass by Wellsville

in the sunshine
where the youth die
pass by life
(pass it by)
pass by Wellsville.

You can see main street anytime.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers


ray halliday said...


Robert Klotz said...

I'd always find an excuse to stop at the general store in Wellsville, KS, to get gas or ice. All because of The Embos.

Gallery32 said...

Love these guys! Saw them at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas. This is one of my favorite songs because that bass is so sweet! Also love 'Sex Drive'. Thanks for bringing back a great memory from college:)

Casey said...

Robert Klotz...I've made my pilgrimage to that same little general store.

Casey said...

Gallery32...The infamous Bottleneck would've been a great place to see'em.

And nicely done website -->

Everyone check it out.

Warren said...

Once while driving through Kansas I made a detour to check out Wellsville, just because of this song. It's certainly everything they said it was!

Casey said...

Warren...Everything...and less!

Anonymous said...

You have to hear the original mix on the vinyl from "Death Travels West" - it's even more sublime, with the guitar and bass warmer and Nichols' vocals gently glowing.

Casey said...

"Death Travels West" on my bucket list of possessions.

Dan R. Rouser said...

A very wide mains treet with very few people. Quaint, clean, dying.