Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Stuff: --> SCOTT GAGNER <--

"You don't ask any questions...for fear that she will respond."--> Scott Gagner <--

A common misconception about the songwriting process..."Songs that are catchy and easy on the ears...Well, those are the easy ones to write!"

Sometimes, maybe.

The truth is...writing songs that make tasty ear-candy is very, VERY difficult.

However, Scott Gagner...sure makes it sound easy.

Scott's exciting debut..."Rhapsody In Blonde"...has more hooks than Roland Martin's tackle box. (God, I've been waiting to use a fishing reference for a long time).
Using a blended confection of Golden Smog and Jayhawks as reference...Gagner delivers each song with a young man's spirit and an old man's wisdom.

And the band...

Prairie Prince: Drums
Arnold Kim: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, BG Vox
John Paul McLean: Bass
James Nash: Stunt Guitar
Jonathan Chi: Lap Steel

...brings just the right swag for each song.

There is not a weak link in the bunch...but I would be remiss to not give added respect to legendary drummer...Prairie Prince... who has a solid "RnR Who's Who" resume.

Download---> "Speak and Spell" <--- Let him know what you think.
...AND THEN...purchase Scott Gagner's solid debut..."Rhapsody In Blonde".

Good stuff!

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