Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost Gem: "Vagabonds of the Western World " - Thin Lizzy (1973)

"Make sure he grows up like me...and I'm a vagabond."
~ Thin Lizzy ~

Thin Lizzy, not surprisingly, finds itself with its 3rd Lost Gem. This time, the title track from their 1973 offering..."Vagabonds of the Western World ".

Other songs from this underrated album could easily have been chosen...but the restless Canterbury Tale spirit that singer/bassist Phil Lynott...drummer Brian Downey and the awesome...guitarist Eric Bell evoke is ageless.

Lost Gem:--"Vagabonds of the Western World "...One of Lynott's best vocals served with a cock-nasty swagger. And when the Lizzy Boys bring everything together...absolutely nothing is held back.  Nothing!

Have you heard this gem?

I could tell you the story of a vagabond.
A playboy of the western world.
One day by chance he came upon
A fair young maid, a country girl.

He told her that he loved her.
And he took all of her silver.
He told her that he needed her too.
He said "Hey baby, you got eyes of blue"
But he was a vagabond.

Blue eyes, oh baby blue, oh blue eyes.
The kind of eyes that say "I do" eyes.
Oh baby blue, oh blue eyes.
Oh baby blue, oh blue eyes.

He roamed around the cities
Searching for his fortune and fame.
No lady ever got to know his name.
Shame, but that was his game.

Gave a girl a baby boy.
He said "This child is my pride and joy".
"I'm busy running wild and free".
"Make sure he grows up like me".
And I'm a vagabond.

Oh I could tell you a story of a vagabond.
He was a playboy of the western world.
He wore an earring in his left ear.
You see his father he was a gypsy.

You just might meet him upon the highway
Pretty fine dancer too
But he leave you blue, he'd leave
He'd leave you woman .

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers
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The undisputed truth said...

Thank you ... This is my favorite song ever and I've been obsessing for 8 years now 🤟🙂🤟