Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lost Gem: "Can't Shake It" - Angel City (The Angels) 1980

"You can't buy my soul with gold, but my heart is up for hire."
~ Angel City (The Angels) ~

Angel City (The Angels) are a hard-rockin' band from Australia with plenty of songs that should have become classic radio fodder in the States.

But, as often happens in the music business...Angel City (The Angels) simply got lost in the shuffle.

When Epic Records brought the band to America...the band had to endure several name changes. Originally called..."The Angels"...they quickly became..."Angel City"...only later to become..."The Angels From Angel City".

The band's 1980 release..."Face To Face" (US version)...carries a wicked jam-punk factor...with a slice of AC/DC.  Highly recommended.  

Lost Gem:--> "Can't Shake It" a great head-knockin' rocker with solid power chords and driving beat.  And when singer "Doc" Neeson breaks it down around the 3:00 mark...well...the desperation simply bleeds.

Have you heard this gem?

Young man in Morocco buys a diamond ring.
Takes it across the water just to see what luck it brings.
Young girl dressed in midnight sets his blood on fire.
You can't buy my soul with gold, but my heart is up for hire.

I can't shake it, I can't shake it.
I can't shake it, just can't shake.
I can't shake it, I can't shake it.
I can't shake it, just can't shake.

Driving in your Fleetwood to the sport of kings today.
Top hat, cane and ascot, that's the game you play.
Jumpin' from a window, shirt half off your back.
Better take the elevator -- yeah -- and find another track.
Good stuff!

Casey Chambers


Unknown said...

Aww yeah. Loved "Face the Day", now I've got a new weapon in my earsenal. Thanks!

Casey said...

DJ...Well put..."earsenal"...I'm gonna have to try that word out! And "Face The Day" is really top-notch, too.
Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Trying to remember ... is this the same album with Marseilles on it? In any event, Angel City was one of the best bands that I had seen live up to that point and I still remember how they made my blood boil with excitement when they pulled out 'Take a long line', 'Face the day', 'Wasted Sleepless Nights' and 'Poor Baby' among many others.

The lead guitarist (fuzzy, maybe the rhythm) had a thing where he would just stand there looking bored while musical mayham played all around him.

Casey said...

GotTheFever...Yes...the excellent "Marseilles" is on the alb.

And yea...the guitarist would just stand completely oblivious to the beat. (Thought it was awesomely weird... his name was Rick Brewster).

-->'re blog looks great! <--

Anonymous said...

Hi folks, The Angels or Angel City have a list of album releases as long as your arm in Oz - you only saw a few over in the US - they have now all been remastered with bonus material. Well worth getting - there are a lot more classic songs on them than you can imagine.

wade said...

i discovered the angels while in college in 1979 and was immediately hooked. I now own nearly everything they recorded. I'm from Pennsylvania, not Australia. Without question one of my all time favorite groups. A travesty they never broke thru in the US, c'mon punky blues rock with edge, Stones/ACDC blend. They're killer, should have been superstars. A tour manager in the music business I've toured Australia over 15 times since mid eighties, but never in same city to see them. A cruel punishment for this huge fan. Wade,Berwick,Pa

Casey said...

Wade...Every time I've played some Angel City for someone...they drop their jaw and ask..."Who are these guys?" The music business is an unfair, fickle bitch!

And like "anonymous" above posted...Their catalog is longer then I expected. Much I haven't heard. I need to do something about that! Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Feel great tonight -just mastered the Take a Long Line Solo on my guitar. Love Rick Brewsters melody and feel .
What a band Angel City!

So many great guitar tracks - will always be my fav band. I was hooked after seeing them in concert back in the 80's. A great show singer Doc Neeson jumping off speaker cabinets and Rick Brewster statue like for the whole gig.

scyclone said...

1980 Seattle, Angel City was rocking hard that night. Then Doc Neeson, the singer disappeared. Next thing he was up in the rafters screaming this song out. The crowd was absolutely going beserk. Never forget it.