Friday, January 7, 2011

Lost Gem: "Parasite" - Kiss (1974)

"She thought she knew me...but she didn't know."
~ KISS ~

Everybody knows how successful the NYC band KISS became.

Selling-out concerts. Making movies. TV appearances. Marketing KISS Bobbleheads to KISS Kaskets.

They worked it good. These rich cats are set. And jokes can be made how they never met a marketing idea they didn't like.

But one place where jokes have to be left to the in their music. On stage or In studio...NO band worked harder to bleed their love for RnR.

Criss, Simmons, Frehley, Stanley -1974

So jokes be damned...Kiss knew what audiences wanted and gave it to us. They made it fun.

Lost Gem:--> "Parasite"...a standout written by Ace Frehley. The band was young, fearless & hungry. And you can hear it. It's loud...heavy...& riff-nasty.  Simply killer.

Have you heard this gem?

She'll always be there trying to grab a hold.
She thought she knew me, but she didn't know.
That I was sad and wanted her to go.
Parasite lady.
Parasite eyes.
Parasite lady.
No need to cry.

I didn't wanna have to get away.
I told her things I didn't want to say.
I need her and I hope she'll understand.
Parasite lady.
Parasite eyes.
Parasite lady.
No need to cry.

Good stuff!
Casey Chambers


WZJN said...

You're right - these guys could ROCK! Though I'm not a great fan of this early song in particular (more of a Black Diamond, Strutter, Firehouse guy), regardless - this shows them as a powerhouse!

Gene certainly loved to wag his tongue about freely, didn't he?

Casey said...

Rock ya HARD! And Gene was almost skinny in'75! Thanks for dropping by!