Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lost Gem: "V" - Golden Smog (1995)

"When I was down she was full of advice."
~ Golden Smog ~

Golden Smog was for all intents and purposes a side-project providing another outlet for several creative musicians already in established bands.

On "Down By The Old Mainstream" (1995)...the participants were...Dan Murphy of Soul Asylum.....Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.....Gary Louris & Marc Perlman of The Jayhawks.....Noah Levy of Honeydogs.....Kraig Johnson of Run Westy Run.

Labeled an alternative country-rock band, Golden Smog was classic-relaxed kool and it shows up in every song.

The music was loosey-goosey...(but not sloppy)...and free from any real management expectations. This was regular guys (minus ego) having fun and making good music.

Lost Gem:--> "V"...sounds fresh...yet so familiar.  Easy to warm up to. Simply a bandmate's remembrance of a nice barmaid from the past. Rocks sweet!

Have you heard this gem?

When I was down she was full of advice
’cause she’d been there once or twice
With a ring on the side of her nose
Wearing other people’s clothes
She had her highs and she had her lows
In between she’d show
When she smiled everything else died
V let off a good vibe

As if in a dream
The one and only V
As if in a dream
The one and only V

Buying shots and breaking hearts
She used to wait on us down at the bar
Never took as much as she gave
She’s still giving to this day
Staying up half the night
Mood swing yet we cried
On a cold December day
V up and went away

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers