Monday, December 6, 2010

Lost Gem: "Sunburst" - Bob Seger (1976)

"The sun begins to rise
as he begins to close his ey
~ Bob Seger ~

"Night Moves" was Detroit road warrior Bob Seger's 9th album and would be the record that finally propelled him up into the super stardom spotlight.

But think about that a moment. His 9th album!  Man, how many of us might have just closed up shop?  (Oh, by the way...Bob's earlier stuff was excellent by any standard!)

But like the spot-on defiant attitude Seger's album cover projects...the man is a determined cuss.  And we are all the better for it.

Lost Gem:--> "Sunburst"...a successful, but slightly jaded, rock star...replays the repetitive concert nights in his head. This mid-tempo cutter is the perfect bookend to the "on-the-way-up" classic..."Turn The Page".

Have you heard this gem?

The crowd without a face
begins to fill the space
in the arena.
Flashlights at his feet
the lion from the street
awaits the Christians.
A blinding flash of light
A single strobe ignites the night.

The smoke begins to rise
A sea of staring eyes
gaze on the sunburst.
His weapon at his side
He flashes it with pride
before his legions.
Fires begin to rage
and they engulf the stage.
All right.
Bring on the night.

He's in complete control
He's stepping proud and bold
And everything he touches
Turns to gold
He's got girls by the score
He's got 'em screaming for more
But when they get too close
He bars the door.

He makes his great escape
Leaves them in his wake
without a warning.
The ritual is done
A night no longer young
fades into morning
The sun begins to rise
as he begins to close his eyes.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers


WZJN said...

Sounds like were on the same page here Casey - nibbling on some righteous Bob.

Great post - as usual, and a choice selection.

Merry Christmas!

Casey said...

WZJN..thanks for dropping by. Every once in a while we do pick fruit from the same tree, don't we?!

I just got back from visiting your recent blog post...(NICE)...and I left a comment for you as well.

Merry Christmas right back at'cha!