Monday, November 15, 2010

Lost Gem: "Warrior" - Wishbone Ash (1972)

"Tomorrow the plow
becomes the sword.

Make us stronger in our danger."
~ Wishbone Ash ~

"Argus" (1972) is considered by many to be
Wishbone Ash's must own tour de force.

Andy Powell and Ted Turner were creating honey with harmony twin lead guitars. Groundbreaking stuff at the time. And backed up with fierce bass and drums.

Wishbone Ash were a healthy blend of hard rock and prog...played with insane confidence and perfection. Simply magic.

Lost Gem:--> "Warrior" filled with images of timeless mystical battles yet to be met. The loud/soft changes are perfect with an unforgettable chant fade-out.

Have you heard this gem?

I'm leaving to search for something new,
Leaving everything I ever knew.
A hundred years in the sunshine
Hasn't taught me all there is to know.

In the valley, we will gather there,
Helpless in our surrender.
Tomorrow the plow becomes the sword
Make us stronger in our danger.

Time will pass away,
Time will guard our secret.
I'll return again
To fight another day.

I'd have to be a warrior
A slave I couldn't be
A soldier and a conqueror,
Fighting to be free.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers


whiteray said...

I always loved the cover to this album, but I was never adventurous enough to buy the record. It was like Wishbone Ash was on the other side of a street, and I had plenty of stuff to listen to on my side. I was already listening to lots of stuff I'd never heard, and there was a limit how far I'd explore. Or something like that. Needless to say, in the years since, I've listened - I think - to everything WA released. And "Argus" is a keeper. Good post.

Casey said...

whiteray...Thanks. And the album cover is awesome. Perfect for the music inside.

Don't be surprised to see another offering from Wishbone Ash later down the road.

btw...I have NEVER heard anything on classic radio by this band. So sad.

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