Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lost Gem: "Strobe Light" - B-52's (1980)

"Then I'm gonna kiss your tummy.
Then I'm gonna kiss your pineapple.
~ B-52's ~

The B-52's are an American surf-punk-new wave band that hail from...Athens, Georgia?

Yea...and they encapsulate all the best parts of the genre that make for a real good time.

"Wild Planet" (1980) was the B-52's sophomore effort and it doesn't disappoint.  Mystery. Camp.  Future-Chill.  Sexyback.  It's all here.  This is left-field goodness at its wacky finest.

Fred Schneider is the spastic prince that conducts this cacaphony of catchy kool with his nasal talk-sing voice...while great drumming and guitar spank create simple grooves that simply will not go away.
And of course, the B-52 babes...Cindy Wilson & Kate Pierson...have adapted well since leaving their own planet...The one I like to refer to as...'Yum-Yum'.

Finally, do not mistake silly, for sloppy. The B-52's are skilled.

Lost Gem:--> "Strobe Light" a song with Fred and Cindy doing the honors. The conversation is constantly being interrupted by a delicious frenetic rhythm groove that screams out...URGENT!

Have you heard this one?

Where's my telephone?

"Is that you baby?"
"Got something to tell you."
"Oh, what?"

I want to see you tonight
I want you to walk in the door
I want you to lay on the floor
Cause tonight's the night
We make love, under a strobe light
Underneath the strobe light

Wanna make love to you under the strobe light
Wanna make love to you under the strobe light
Strobe light - Woah oh oh
Strobe light - Woah oh oh

But the light goes to my head!
Everything I see is red
Baby when I kiss your hair
I feel electricity in the air
I'm gonna kiss your eyes
Then I'm gonna kiss your neck
Then I'm gonna kiss your tummy
Then I'm gonna kiss your pineapple.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers


whiteray said...

Another entry on the list of bands I never quite got. No doubt about the talent, but their stuff still mystifies me.

Nazz Nomad said...

"pineapple" followed by that crazy keyboard!