Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lost Gem: "Lay Down Burden" - Brian Wilson (1998)

"And if I had the chance...
I'd never let you go.
Just want you to know."
~ Brian Wilson ~

Brian Wilson, of course, was the leader of the Beach Boys...but he was much more than that.

Brian was a composer and innovator in the various ways of creating vocal harmonies and instrument dalliances that were once unheard of.

Absolutely groundbreaking stuff.

And he made the music sound so and ridiculously simple to our ears...we forget how wicked-smart he was/is.

I'm a cheerleader...when it comes to Brian.

He practically disappears off the face of the earth in the seventies and eighties...battling demons of various ilk.  Almost forgotten.  Only to walk back in and successfully and bravely pull it all back together.

Brian Wilson's music makes us feel better. Simple as that.

Lost Gem:--> "Lay Down Burden" a perfect example of complex simplicity,,,making harmony and instrument sound Pre-School and Higher-Ed at the same-freaking-time.

The fragile genius with the egg-shell heart.

Have you heard this one?

So many years spent running away
How many times I wished I could stay
Too much emotion a hole in my heart
Feeling alone since we've been apart
And if I had the chance
I'd never let you go
Just want you to know

Lay down lay me down
Lay me down
Lay down burden.

How many things I wanted to do
How many times spent thinking this through
So many nights spent here by the phone
Wonderin' if you felt just as alone
And while some things have all been
Crazy from the start
It's tearing me apart

Just remember the way I held you
You're always in my heart.

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers


Unknown said...

God, I love this man, and his music, and this song. Brian Wilson will never know what he added to my life with his music through all these years. And this is a very special song inspired by the tragic death of his wonderful brother Carl (and probably Dennis too). This song has made me cry on the chorus on more than one occasion. God bless you Brian.

Casey said...

Thanks for the comment. You hit the bro. Nothing like a song that burns itself into your skin.
This one, especially, is just very sweet. I luv it too!