Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lost Gem: "Fine Memory" - Bob Seger (1975)

"And later as I was driving...
the sky was getting light.
And the sun came through the trees."

~ Bob Seger ~

"Beautiful Loser" (1975)...was Bob Seger's eighth album and was just one year away from one of the best live albums of all time.

"Live Bullet"...recorded in his hometown of Detroit...would, at last, put Bob on the road to stardom.

But it was on his "Beautiful Loser" release where the seeds of Seger's songwriting skills began to really take shape. Bringing it from the heart...and from the heartland.

Lost Gem:--> "Fine Memory" a gentle acoustic ballad.  
Beautiful in its simplicity.  Heart-aching in its complexity.

Have you heard this one?

Last night I saw you walking
Past my bed late at night
And the moon shone
Through your gown
Such a fine memory
I think I'm gonna take it with me

And later as you were sleeping
Sleeping close to me
I felt your hair on my skin
Such a fine memory
I know I'm gonna take it with me
I'm going to take it
Far as I go
I'm going to take it far as I go

And later as I was driving
The sky was getting light
And the sun came through the trees
I had a fine memory
Such a fine memory

Good stuff!

Casey Chambers

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Jeff said...

You can't go wrong with early Bob Seger. Good choice, man. Keep on keepin' on!