Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost Gem: "Stone Cold Sober" - Crawler (1977)

"So let's take advantage of
the freedom they gave us

~ Crawler ~

This self-titled debut...released in 1977 is often mistaken for a Whitesnake album simply from the cover art.

Crawler (formerly Back Street Crawler) lost founding member...Free guitarist...Paul Kassoff to a heart attack in 1976 but continued on with a slightly different sound...more bluesy rock with a welcome dose of some tasty jazz influences.

Not a must-own album...but there are at least four solid songs worthy of your hard-earned cash...with "Stone Cold Sober" being the creme de la creme.

Lost Gem:--> "Stone Cold Sober"...lays down an awesome blues rock groove...almost dreamy in texture...and perfect for that late night drive. Creates an unusually cool vibe.
What happened to these guys?!

Have you heard this one?

Must be something in this life
Everybody in the world is criminal
This rat race of a place
Where we can't live.

I don't think
They can blame us, girl
They got the wrong idea
So let's take advantage of
The freedom they gave us
Pack our bags and
Get away from here.

'Cause you and me, baby
We have seen this world
Let's take the next train, child
Stone cold sober
Stone cold sober

The stone cold truth
Is they're all the same
Waking up one day
You find that precious thing gone.

I don't think that
We can ever agree
That there's more to this life
Than being free.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers



Grumpies said...

Wow, thanks for the reminder. I was certain I didn't know this song, but decided to listen to it anyway. I heard this song several times when it first came out, loved it,but forgot about and haven't heard it for over 30 years. What a great song!

Casey said...'re right...this song disappeared from radio play much too soon.
And thanks for dropping by again.