Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lost Gem: "Mambo Sun" - T. Rex

"On a mountain range
I'm Dr. Strange for you."
~ T. Rex ~

"Electric Warrior" (1971) is arguably T. Rex's best release...though "The Slider" could easily hold that title as well.

This is premium ground-cracking stuff with high marks from start to finish.

Lost gem..."Mambo Sun" one of the best opening tracks of all time. It's a sleazy horn-dog beggar...with a wicked groove.
Listen for the tasty T. Rex string bends.

Have you heard this one?

Beneath the bebop moon
I want to croon with you.
Beneath the Mambo Sun
I got to be the one with you.

My life's a shadowless horse
If I can't get across to you.
In the alligator rain
My hearts all pain for you.

Girl you're good
And I've got wild knees for you.
On a mountain range
I'm Dr. Strange for you.

Upon a savage lake
Make no mistake I love you
I got a powder keg leg
And my wig's all pooped for you.

With my hat in my hand
I'm a hungry man for you.
I got stars in my beard
And I feel real weird for you.

Beneath the bebop moon
I'm howling like a loon for you.
Beneath the Mambo Sun
I've got to be the one for you.

Good stuff.

Casey Chambers


Anonymous said...

The groove on this beauty can move mountains. Undoubtedly Bolan and T-Rex at their very best... you sir have impeccable taste.

Casey said...

Deep...your comment made me go back and listen to Electric Warrior again.

A solid, solid offering.

Thanks for dropping by!

Affiliate Network said...

Cool video!