Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lost Gem: "Poor Boy (The Greenwood)" - ELO

"Sweet Maid Marion,
don't you do me no wrong.
Stay on the right side,
the Greenwood is your home."

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) released their fourth studio album in 1974.

"Eldorado, A Symphony" was a concept album (don't be scared off) created all in the mind of the Swiss Army Knife of RnR... Jeff Lynne.

In a nutshell, it revolves around a dreamer who'd rather live in his mind rather than be a part of the real world. It would become their first gold album. And sounds awesome through headphones.

The last track on side one, "Poor Boy (The Greenwood)" is a wonderful song about Robin Hood for crying out loud. It makes me want to drink some grog...grab my bow...and shoot apples off Alan Hale's head! (one of my favorite actors and my Little John in Robin Hood reference).

Oh yeah...dig those frantic violin strings at the end!

Have you heard this one?

"Poor Boy (The Greenwood)"
Me, I'm just a poor boy from across the far southland.
And I've traveled many days to reach this place to make my stand.
I fell in with a merry band
and drank away the hours.

Rollin' on, I've been rollin' on.
And my head is high from the battle won.
Laid down my life for The Greenwood.

The city boys and the country boys
they come from miles around.
To defy their king and country
Save the poor folks from the hand
of the thieving dukes and abbotts
and the gentry of the land.

Sweet Maid Marion, don't you do me no wrong.
Stay on the right side, the Greenwood is your home.
The dancing girls and the open fires
The wine that flows like water.

Good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Excellent album. ELO at their best. I'm glad to know that this album is appreciated.

Casey said...

Anon...I return to this gem has terrific replay value...and is a great CD to take to a shop and test their speakers before buying.