Thursday, June 4, 2009

Casey Comedy:-->Riverside Perk & A Shoutout To Pink Nasty

"We can go to Starbucks...
and talk a lot of shit
about the

people we don't know."

-->Pink Nasty<--

Pink Nasty and me at legendary Kirby's.

On Wednesday...June 10th...around 8:00 pm... I'll be doing a 40 minute comedy set at one of the definite hidden treasures in my fair city of Wichita.

I'm talking 'bout...Riverside Perk.

An awesome coffeehouse...with a huge variety of drinks and tasty munchables.

So tucked away within the city is the Riverside Perk...that it has a time-traveling quality to the place. A wonderful hamlet to hang...relax...and convo. You'll dig it.

And along with all the good vibes...yours truly gets to spin his web of comedy quirkiness.

I encourage everyone to share the air with me that night. And an especial invite to my blogging comrades.


Come on out June 10th.


...about Pink Nasty.

PN's new stuff is sounding very good. Check out Pink Nasty MySpace.

But lest anyone forget...
"Mold The Gold" is still one of my most spun CDs.
And is my #1 favorite indie release.
Highly recommended.

Now here is where it gets shameless...

(note to PN/Sara Beck)
I've heard you dip your toe in Wichita from time to time. So consider this a personal invite for you to hang with me at...'The Perk'. And I know...where that is.

"Away Message" -->Pink Nasty

Good stuff!


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