Monday, June 15, 2009

Casey Comedy:-->The Donut Whole & Top 10 BTO Jams

"In the cool cool cool of the evening...
I'm hitched up and ready to ride."

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Look for me at The Donut Whole...Wednesday...June 17th...around 8:30 pm.

The Donut Whole was started by these two crazy cool cats (Michael Carmody and Angela Etter) who had a wicked dream of taking a simple idea and making it better. MUCH BETTER.
Ta Dah!!
Very very comfortable...with all the neat amenities of a coffee house. Killer aromas that tease the olfactories...fresh coffees brewing and delicious whack donuts fresh from the oven...keep patrons returning again and again.

You'll feel welcome right away when you walk in...and being located amongst the Old Townsters...will also make for great people watching. Alone and with friends.

A great hang place to gather or work...The Donut Whole has been marked, branded, and tattooed with that undefinable mark of coolness.
They also have a nice area for various acts to perform.

I hope you'll come out and throw a knuckle my direction...Wednesday June 17, 2009. 8:30 pm.


Bachman-Turner Overdrive (or BTO) makes the kind of music that's made for road trips. I get better gas mileage whenever a BTO song cranks from my radio.

BTO also makes the kind of music that's made for just hanging around the house. makes no diff. BTO music simply puts me in a better mood.

Here are ten of "my" favorite BTO songs that aren't heard that often.
  1. "Second Hand" -Not Fragile
  2. "Stayed Awake All Night" - BTO
  3. "Tramp" - BTO II
  4. "Away From Home" - Head On
  5. "Sledge Hammer" - Not Fragile
  6. "Welcome Home" - BTO II
  7. "She's Keeping Time" - Four Wheel Drive
  8. "Give It Time" - BTO II
  9. "Flat Broke Love" - Four Wheel Drive
  10. "Don't Get Yourself In Trouble" - BTO
BTO cranking another lost gem "Four Wheel Drive".

Hopefully you'll seek these songs out and then investigate deeper into their catalog.

ATTENTION: BTO...Please come to Wichita.

Good Stuff.


Jeff said...

"Blue Collar" is another good one.

Casey said...

Absolutely. Always dug the mysterioso vibe Bachman chose to throw down on this tune.

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