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200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 19

"I have short hands.
That's why
I have to bend up to notes; 
I can't always reach the frets."
Robin Trower

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
(A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 19 - Let's Begin...

20:-->Doobie Brothers ------"I Cheat the Hangman" ------Stampede (1975)
"The days grow short, the nights are gone.
Since you were here, I can't go on."

Epic in every way. With a haunting earthly sound that slowly builds into a tour-de-force jam. Co-founder Patrick Simmons and company create their own timeless..."Freebird".

19:-->Robin Trower-------"In City Dreams" (5:15) -------In City Dreams (1977)
"Down in the dirt and candy wrappers...
there's pretty ladies on parade."

Strong title track with a relaxing (not to be confused with wimpy) coffeehouse feel. Plenty of tasteful wah & verb. And Dewar's vocals are smoke.

18:-->Gordon Lightfoot -------- "Miguel" (4:09) ----Summer Side Of Life (1971)
"Like a shadowy ghost
at dawn he came and he went.
Through the woodlands swiftly gliding
to the young maid, he came riding."

Stunning in its beauty and sadness. Catchy and timeless. One listen will make you hunger for more. Great song.

17:-->New York Dolls ----"Personality Crisis" (3:43) -----New York Dolls (1973)
"And you're a prima ballerina
on a spring afternoon.

Change on into the wolfman
howlin' at the moon...hoowwl."

The NY Dolls were a tsunami hitting the beach.  Sleazy, raw, in-your-face guitar spanking rock...led by under-appreciated frontman...David Johansen. Wicked fun that leaves you feeling street-dirty. Now that's RnR.

16:-->Tommy Bolin ------"Sweet Burgundy" (4:13) ------ Private Eyes (1976)
"Winter time comes just a little too fast.
Summer just flies by on it's patient wings."

Bolin's guitar is like a feather on the wind. Beautifully understated with a fantastic guitar and sax solo that carries us gently away. Nice.

15:-->Fleetwood Mac ---"Bermuda Triangle" (4:08) ---Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974)
"It might be a hole down in the ocean.
Yeah or a fog that won't let go.

Welch adds another ominous groove tune to his paranormal rock belt. Tasty portentous acoustic guitar runs...jump in and out...over some terrific percussion from Fleetwood.

14:-->Jackson Browne ----"Red Neck Friend" (3:56) -----For Everyman (1973)
"Honey you shake and I'll rattle
and we'll roll on down the line."

A good-time rockin' tune to crank up while letting the glimmering summer sun have its days.

13:-->Iron Butterfly ----"Scorching Beauty" (6:53) ----Sun And Steel (1976)
"Your sun has risen
leaving it all to see."

Who'd a thunk it?! Excellent up-front fuzz guitar with awesome tight groove. Better with each spin.

12:-->Pink Floyd ----------"One Of These Days" (5:57) ------------Meddle (1971)

Threatening double bass riffing from Waters builds to quite a crescendo as each band mate adds their urgent signature to the mix. The birth of "Dark Side..." is pronounced and causes my heart to go pit-a-pat.

11:-->Ian McLagan - "Little Troublemaker" (2:26) ---Troublemaker (1979)
"You don't have to worry...
your daddy makes his livin' with a gun."

A mucho-cool rocker from this keyboard legend. Friends that read like an RnR Hall of Fame gathering...(Ron Wood...Bobby Keys...Ringo Starr...Keith Richards...and whoever might have showed up on any given day)...provide Ian with plenty of energy...and refreshments.

To be continued...

Casey Chambers

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The Ian McLaugen album is definitely a lost should've-been classic! Thanks for including it.