Monday, December 29, 2008

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 9

"I can tell whether a person can play just by the way he stands."
- Miles Davis -

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 9 - Let's Begin...

120:-->Stephen Stills ----------"Black Queen" (5:26) ------------Stephen Stills (1970)
"This is a song about a card game.
Black queen, holding hearts."
A one-take Delta grunge burn...with Stills moaning low and reminding all listeners he knows a little about the ways of a guitar. All while taking one of his legendary alcohol baths.
Recorded live and unfettered.

119:-->Rory Gallagher -------"A Million Miles Away" (6:34) -------Tattoo (1973)
"This hotel bar is full of people...
the piano man is really laying it down."
A concert-demanded staple. And essential to all rock collectors.
Crawls up your back.

118:-->Allman Brothers --------"Pegasus" (7:31) --------Enlightened Rogues (1979)
Outstanding Dickie Bett's jam. Weaves and bobs like a Sugar Ray workout.

117:-->David Bowie -----------"Breaking Glass" (1:52) -----------------Low (1977)
"You're such a wonderful person.
But you got problems."
Jolting in-your-face rock candy. Wonderfully odd and way too short.
Perfect for testing speakers.

116:-->Cat Stevens ----------"Sitting" (3:13) ----------Catch Bull At Four (1972)
"And if I make it to the waterside,
I'll be sure to write you a note or something.
A gorgeous piano-driven ballad. The aching universal quest for more...answers. No training wheels.

115:-->Point Blank ------------"Free Man" (5:08)-------------Point Blank (1976)
"I'm gonna move...move on baby.
I'm singing such a sad..sad song for such a man."
A bluesy wind-up that quickly turns into a full-throttle runaway semi double-decker chasing Dennis Weaver down a two-lane mountain. Southern rock at its finest.

114:-->Alice Cooper ---- "The Black Widow" (3:37) ---Welcome To My Nightmare (1975)
"These words he speaks are true.
We're all humanary stew...
if we don't pledge allegiance to..."
Guitar work from Dick Hunter sounds like a swarm of insects. The urgency in Alice's voice is wonderful camp. Preceding is a Vincent Price cameo.

113:-->Chicago --------------"Movin' In" (4:06) ----------------Chicago II (1970)
"We know it's hard for you to see
That this is all we wanna be."
Killer vocals from Kath. Sweet brass jumping out of the speakers with glorious announcement. "You know it" refrain...all worth admission.  Great way to start the day.

112:-->Kiss -------------"Strange Ways" (3:19) ---------------Hotter Than Hell (1974)
"I think I like it
but I'm not really sure.
Don't want to fight it...
just wanna feel some more."
Frehley pens the best Kiss song ever...adding some blistering guitar work. The band never sounded hungrier or metalfied. Criss sells the lyrics.

111:-->Billy Thorpe ---"Goddess Of The Night" (4:16) --Children Of The Sun (1979)
"Once in my unholy life
as I woke up dreaming...
making love
to a devil with an angel's eyes."
Freaky-cool vocals slide atop some spacey rock goodness...sounding quite like nothing I've heard before or since. Familiar...yet fresh.

All good stuff! be continued.

Casey Chambers

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