Friday, December 12, 2008

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 7

"Most of us...
go to our graves
with our music still inside of us."

~ unknown

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues.
A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 7 - Let's Begin...

140:-->Rory Gallagher ------ "As The Crow Flies" (6:02) ----------Irish Tour '74 (1974)
"Well I ain't so far from you...
But since I don't have wings
I can't get home as fast as I want to."
This frying pan acoustic number rocks like Mt. Rushmore. Total ear-candy.

139:-->BTO --------------- "Welcome Home" (5:30) -------------- BTO II (1973)
"I'm going to save up all of my money...
just to see if I could."
Smolderin' coolness mixed with heavy-metal thunder and ballsy refrain. Top of their game.

138:-->Wishbone Ash -------"Outward Bound" (4:54) ---------New England (1976)
Twin guitar attack from the Wishbone gang...a satisfying jam...never losing their way. Turn it up.

137:-->Gamma -------------"Cat On A Leash" (4:03) --------------Gamma 2 (1980)
"Women like you
don't give no relief...
With your hands in the kitty
Cat on a leash."
Definite chemistry magic on this flamethrower. Pattison's vocals and Montrose's 6-string guillotine are two freight trains on the same track.

136:-->Free --------------"Muddy Water" (4:18) -------------------Heartbreaker (1973)
"The first time you deceive her...
You've broken her spell."
Rodgers sells this heartfelt ballad like blackberry jelly to the peanut butter man. Simple...but hard to forget.

135:-->CCR ---------"Long As I Can See The Light" (3:33) ---------Cosmos Factory (1970)

"Pack my bag and let's get movin'...
'cause I'm bound to drift a while."
Timeless. Instantly familiar yet seldom heard...with one of Fogerty's best vocals. Quite the soulful yearn.

134:-->Tom Waits ---------"Romeo Is Bleeding" (4:52) -----------Blue Valentine (1978)
"And Romeo says 'hey man gimme a cigarette'...
and they all reach for their pack."
Awesome tale of a rainy urban hustler's demise. Dignity chin for his greasy followers. Bass and key grab like Black-Friday bargain hunters.

133:-->John Lennon ------------"Gimme Some Truth" (3:16) ----------Imagine (1971)
"I'm sick and tired of hearing things from
Uptight, short-sighted, narrow minded hypocritics."
John's delicious diatribe on the state of politics never rang truer...and is equaled only by the pleading of George Harrison's guitar.

132:-->Alice Cooper -----------"Blue Turk" (5:29) ----------------School's Out (1972)
"But you're so very picturesque.
You're so very cold.
Tastes like roses on your breath
But graveyards on your soul."
This jazzy blues jam reeks of stale cigarettes and neglected cemeteries. Cooper's band was unbelievably underrated. Improves with each listen.

131:-->Atlanta Rhythm Section --"Large Time" (2:55) --Champagne Jam (1978)
"Well, I'm proud to be livin' in the USA...playin' for the ARS.
Might not be your cup of tea, but I can guarantee you this."
Wicked Southern rock song with a snarly Skynyrd feel any Van Zandt fan would appreciate.

All good stuff! be continued.

Casey Chambers


WZJN said...

Anyone who features a deep cut from Imagine is top of the pops to me! Others from the same album that are spitting rock are I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier and How Do You Sleep. Weird how I can remember every lyric to every song on this album, but need a voice recorder to remind me what I have to do today.

And for the BTO cut - nothing short of magnificent! These guys knew how to kick out the jams!

whiteray said...

I second WZJN! (Especially the part about failing daily memory!) And I'd add a "hooray!" for the CCR tune.

Alex said...

Thanks for including "Gimme Some Truth" -- a song I thought about more and more this fall!

Affiliate Network said...

I agree with you!!