Thursday, December 4, 2008

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:--> Pt 6

"Music washes
 away from the soul 
the dust of everyday life." 
~ Red Auerbach

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues. A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

Part 6 - Let's Begin...

150:-->Steve Forbert -------"Goin' Down to Laurel" (4:39) -------Alive On Arrival (1978)
"Please don't mention rain. Please don't talk of trains.
Please don't mention buildings burning down."
Guitar and harmonica in tow...Forbert is a bruised-knuckled optimist who writes songs with a Van Gogh paintbrush. "...Laurel" is a metaphor for youth and life and the temporary flash of zero responsibility. An American treasure.

149:-->Steve Miller -------"Sugar Babe" (4:35)------- The Joker (1973)
"Way down in Alabama...
There's a girl just a waitin' for me."
Great intro with a summer-sound for sure. Easily hints of tasty stuff yet to come in "Book of Dreams"?

148:-->Be-Bop Deluxe-------------"Sleep That Burns" (5:16) --------Sunburst Finish (1976)
"I'm locked in your dark world where hearts hold the keys. Half-opened, enchanted, half-truth and half dreams."
Mind sweeping bullet from Bill Nelson filled with multi-theatrical-sections with hooks and blistering guitar. Hard to believe this was from the 70's.

147:-->Hot Chocolate -----"Emma" (3:55) --------Cicero Park (1974)
"And when she said she'd be a movie queen...
nobody laughed
Wow! Incredible vocals delivering quite the tragic tale. Add some tasty train bass underneath and you have quite a dark atmosphere. Perfect!

146:-->AC/DC --------"Gone Shootin" (5:05) ---------Powerage (1978)
"She never made it past the bedroom door. What was she aiming for?"
Dig that back-beat. Wicked axe work from the school-kid guitarist.
And Bon Scott simply feeds off the energy. Oh yeah...about a girl with a drug problem. A classic.

145:-->Jim Carroll Band ----"It's Too Late" (3:04) ----Catholic Boy (1980)
"But it's too soon...t
ask me for the words I want carved on my tomb."
Exciting bass work screams for attention while pushing the lyrics to the danger zone. Hard to forget.

144:-->Foghat -----"Home In My Hand" (4:59) -----Energized (1974)
"Thumbin' a ride to Geneva, standing in the falling rain,
Getting dirty looks, I wish I could've took a train."
Just get in the car and turn it up. Nothing heavy...just some mule-kick rock'n'roll. The fakeout ending gets me every time.

143:-->Frank Zappa -----"Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?" (2:35) -----Joe's Garage (1979)
"My balls feel like a pair of maracas."
Juvenile, sure. But the arrangement beneath the lyrics are awesome.
Funny words but none of the seven deadlies. Love the vocals, too.

142:-->Kiss ----"Ladies in Waiting" (2:31) ----Dressed To Kill (1975)

"So you been to the market
And the meat looks good tonight."

Great song. Often forgot but has a heck of a catchy arrangement. One of Gene's better vocal outings. Nice solo from Ace as well.

141:-->Thin Lizzy -------"Southbound" (4:27) ------Bad Reputation (1977)
"So tonight after sundown You must go from this place.
Without a tear, without a frown, disappear without a trace."
One of Lizzy's best. Stunning lyrics that work on many different levels. Lynott was great.

All good stuff!    to be continued...

Casey Chambers
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Anonymous said...

nice to see someone besides myself who revels in the opening lines of "Ladies In Waiting".

What SHIT lyrics.:)

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Casey said...

Ruth...I hope you do. And thanks for taking the time to let me know.

Jude...Kiss will never be accused of being ...'politically correct' that's for sure!

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