Monday, November 24, 2008

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 5

"If music
be the food of on.

~ William Shakespeare 

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues - part 5.

A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.

And there is
no ranking or countdown. Only a number keeping track of how far along I've gotten.
I strongly encourage everyone to
purchase the albums for an even better understanding.

Part 5 - Let's Begin...

160:-->Ozark Mountain Daredevils ----"Standing On A Rock" (3:54) -- The Quilt CD (1973)
"I been standin' on the rock, waitin' for the wind to blow.
I been standin' on the rock, waitin' for my seeds to grow."
A simple front porch number delivered in a way that makes this sweetcorn...very cool.

159:-->Nils Lofgren --"Keith Don't Go"(4:23) -- Nils Lofgren (1975)
"This is a right-away letter, I've got to mail it today.
Straight to my main inspirer, says urgent from the USA."
Future Springsteen guitarist throws down a biting gauntlet of his own with this rockin' tribute to Keith Richards. Solid.

158:-->Billy Squier -----"Whadda You Want From Me" (3:43) ------Don't Say No (1981)
"Down in the dungeon I'm having a hard time.
I get my love on condition and my Dewar's without lime."
Crushing drums and 'catch me later' guitar. Vocals that sound like vintage Humble Pie. Where do I sign up?

157:-->Wings ---"Medicine Jar" (3:37) ---Venus & Mars (1976)
"There's more to life than blues and reds.
I say, I know how you feel, now your friends are dead."
This song packs a surprising sack of kahonies. Love that 2nd guitar entrance.

156:-->Derek & the Dominos ------"Anyday" (6:35) --------...and Other Love Songs (1970)

"To bring your woman back home after she's left you for another...
You've got to be've got to be a man."
Sliding guitar from Duane is sharp as a Randall. And Whitlock screaming.." gotta be a man". Too real.

155:-->Greg Kihn ---- "Remember" (6:42) ------Next Of Kihn (1978)
"Nothing...Nothing will ever be the same.
Some of the best things fade. Some of the worst remain."
Haunting epic of love's sting. Great guitar work.

154:-->Budgie -------"Parents" (10:25) ------- Never Turn Your Back On A Friend (1973)
"Put my trust in god.
Who is he, I know not what."
Jaw-dropping killer. A battle of no return. Sprawling foreboding sound. Perfect in every way.

153:-->Black Sabbath -- "Dirty Women" (7:09) --Technical Ecstasy (1976)
"The neon lights are shining on me again.
I walk the lonely streets in search of a friend."
Riff-meister, Iommi delivers the groceries in what arguably was the 'original' Sabbath's last great jam.

152:-->UFO ----"Queen Of The Deep" (5:48) ----Phenomenon (1974)
"If I'd been so much wiser then...
I would have known which path to choose."
Gorgeous and powerful. Nearly six minutes of classic rock abduction.

151:-->New Riders of the Purple Sage--"Death & Destruction" (8:39)-Gypsy Cowboy (1972)
"Will you wish you had a friend...
when it all comes round again?"
Awesome. Apocalyptic & Psychedelic in tone.
New Rider's ..."Freebird".

All good stuff! be continued.

Casey Chambers


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