Thursday, November 20, 2008

200 Lost Gems & Forgotten Diamonds:-->Pt 4

"To stop the flow of music
would be like
the stopping of time itself."

~ Aaron Copland 

This personal list of "lost gems & forgotten diamonds" continues - part 4.

A reminder...songs will be from the 70s decade...but not exclusively.No ranking or countdown. Only a number keeping track of how far along I've gotten.
Part 4 - Let's Begin...

170:-->ZZ Top ---------"Sheik" (4:06) ---------Tres Hombres (1973)
"My temperature had risen again.
It must have been a hundred and ten."
A hypnotic groove with delicious guitar bites. Improves with each listen.

169:-->Queen --"March of the Black Queen" (6:33) -Queen II (1974)
"Here comes the black queen, poking in the pile.
Fie-fo the black queen, marching single file."
Thrilling epic...ala "Bo...Rhapsody". Just killer & arguably their best.

168:-->Aldo Nova -----"Heart To Heart" (3:44) ----Aldo Nova (1981)
"There's a man down the street...
You can't see the pain in his heart."
Churns and wails with an energy and urgency seldom matched.

167:-->Bloodrock ----"Kool-Aid-Kids" (6:31) ----Bloodrock 3 (1971)
"They all come down on the kool-aid kids...
gonna try to steal their dimes."
Terrific riffs starring keyboard & buzz guitar that sizzles throughout and never gets old.

166:-->Rolling Stones---"Fingerprint File" (6:33) ---It's Only Rock 'N Roll (1974)
"And there's some little jerk in the FBI
keepin' papers on me six feet high."
Nasty funk. Foretelling things to come. Easily one of their best.

165:-->Steppenwolf ---"Snowblind Friend" (3:51) --Steppenwolf 7 (1970)
"He only had a dollar to live on 'til next Monday...
But he spent it on some comfort for his mind."
Awesome acoustic ballad nailed by John Kay about a friend with a drug problem. A Hoyt Axton cover. Unforgettable.

164:-->Thin Lizzy ------"Johnny" (4:27) -------Johnny The Fox (1976)

"Just as his mother warned him
from her dying bed...
It's alright to lose your heart
but never lose your head."
Blistering opener. with twin guitar attack courtesy of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson.

163:-->Cheap Trick -------"Big Eyes" (3:24) --------In Color (1977)
"You're such a losing cause.
Why don't you go get lost?"
Thunder drums at war with churning war with banging war with deadly vocals. Something's gotta give!

162:-->Elvis Costello ------"Lipstick Vogue" (3:31) -------This Year's Model (1978)
"Sometimes I think that love is just a tumor;
You've got to cut it out."
Unleashed rage finally set free. Great verbal gems leading to an out-a-control ending.

161:-->West, Bruce & Laing ----"Why Dontcha" (3:04) ----Why Dontcha (1972)
"Why dontcha come to my place?
I'll try to put a smile on your face."
Heavy metal poundage from the likes
of Leslie West -Jack Bruce -Corky Laing.

All good stuff!  To be continued...

Casey Chambers
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WZJN said...

Long before the Beatles, way before the Clash and ages before all things music related became an obsession to me, Steppenwolf had its mighty fangs deeply embedded within my throat.

Turned on by a much older sibling, I could recite the lyrics from the deepest Steppenwolf cut well before Casey Kassim held my hand during the top 40 wonderland I often romped in.

Well done!

Casey said...

wzjn...I was really taken back by how many albums Steppenwolf put out!

One would never know it by relying on the radio!