Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ramblings:-->My Kindle and Other Observations

"But I know I have found
only one way to heaven.
Don't stop 'til 7 come 11."

I've had my Amazon Kindle for about a month now...and love it.

The Kindle, for lack of a better an e-book reader on steroids.

A plethora of positive reviews can be read at Amazon...and I encourage you to do so. In the are just a few of the Kindle features I've come to love.

  • Very easy on the eyes. NO GLARE!
  • The Font Size can be quickly adjusted. Great for when your eyes get tired.
  • Books...Newspapers...Magazines...RSS Feeds can be downloaded wirelessly to your Kindle in less than a minute. I'm not exaggerating!
  • Built-in Dictionary to instantly look up words that trip you. No more writing the word down to look up later. Very Nice!
  • Easily highlight whatever your reading. Great for when finding an interesting thought or point. Your highlight will stay with the book indefinitely.
  • Any material on your Kindle can be searched!! If it's on your'll find it! No more lost Bookdarts! When you return to your Kindle...your bookmarked page will be waiting for you.
  • Free internet access. Wikipedia, along with a few other websites, are already link ready.
  • New best-sellers from Amazon are less than $10.00. And can be purchased and downloaded right from your Kindle. And Classics can be wirelessly downloaded for free at Feedbooks and other e-book sites.
  • I subscribe to AP US News and late-breaking news and updated stories are automatically sent to my Kindle every morning and throughout the day.
  • Finally...but not least...I simply enjoy having a variety of reading material available...all contained on my lightweight Kindle. Whatever my mood. No more cumbersome newspapers and books to juggle and take up space.
I'm often asked what I have on my Kindle. I have...
  • Various novels by Stephen King. "Crime and Punishment" (free). And "Spirit House"...a new detective mystery by Christopher G. Moore. The author allowed Amazon to temporarily offer the book freely for Kindle readers. Pretty good, too.
  • A Feedbook RSS feed newspaper I freely created. It has: **Amazon Kindle Q & A. **Rumors and Rants (sports) and **The College Crowd Digs Me. (I like to check in once in a while.) I can update my feeds regularly with one click from my Kindle. Free!
  • AP US News - Amazon pushes news stories throughout the day directly to my Kindle. Again...all wirelessly.
  • A book SAMPLE. "Excavation" by James Rollins. The SAMPLE is a feature Amazon provides for all their Kindle customers allowing them to freely download roughly the first chapter of any book. One click. That's it! Great for exploring new authors and genres.
  • I have a few school documents that I've had Amazon freely convert and send to my Kindle. They were much too long for me to spend reading in front of my computer. Now I carry them with me and study wherever I want.
I've always been a big fan of Jeff Bezos...founder of Amazon. He dreams worldly...yet seems very down-to-earth. The Kindle is another one of his dream puppies that will change the way we think about accessing reading material.

The Kindle is a little pricey. It's not perfect. And I'm sure Amazon will be coming out with a 2nd generation Kindle soon. But I'm certainly not disappointed with this one.

If you're a lover of books. A lover of news. A lover of words. Try Kindle. The College Crowd Digs It.

Good stuff.

A terrific blog I subscribe to is..."The Bachelor Guy". TBG offers a variety of info from Gear to Skills. All from the male's perspective.

The posts are crisp...and short enough not to become a burden on your time.

He offers the occasional RANDOM giveaways. Simply send an email. W
hich is COOL and the only way to run a contest.

Last week I was notified by TBG that I had won..
."The Lost Boys: The Tribe" DVD. Always a great way to start my day!

But that's not the only reason to subscribe. The Bachelor Guy is a fun, smart, daily read and is worth a visit. Highly recommend. Check it out!

"...That Georgia's always on"

My expectations were initially low when I dropped the needle on this one.
Rex was a band led by Rex Smith...before he went syrupy. He later would take to the Broadway stage in..."The Pirates Of Penzance". Pretty good in it, I've heard...but not my cup of tea.

But "Where Do We Go From Here" (1977)...although not great...can rock pretty hard...some of the time.

Rex has some decent rock pedigree in his family tree. His brother is Michael Lee Smith who fronted the 70's band...Starz. So I'll throw him a bone on this one.

Rex and his band mates smoke and wail...when given the chance.
"Running Wild" and "7 Come 11" are especially good.
"Chains On My Heart" is a slow rumbler with solid vocals.
The matter-of-fact..."Do Me"...rushes to catch the RnR tour bus.

However, there are a few brick walls. Rex occasionally dips his toe into the teen idol pie which makes for a rather schizophrenic exercise. (Probably his record company bears most of the blame).

But surprisingly...there are enough tasty rockers to take a chance.

I'd have no problem with this album being spun on classic rock radio. The jammers anyway. Wish he'd stayed the course.

Check out this baddie number below!
Good stuff.

Rex:-->"7 Come 11" (Where Do We Go From Here) (1977) (Own It)


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