Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Book Buzz:-->"Batman Year One" by Frank Miller (writing) & David Mazzucchelli (artwork) (1996)

"Oh, I could be a hero.
I could be a lover of a thousand movie queens.
I could be a hero.
I could be anything.
Caught in the sunrise...
And I'm blinded by the light."
Crack The Sky

"Batman One" (1996) a Graphic Novel...is more a character study into the two "new guys" on the block...Batman and Jim Gordon. Each trying to mead out justice on their own terms.

This is a Batman tale from his earliest beginnings as a crime fighter in the fictional Gotham City.

Batman is athletic, to be sure, but still a little rough around the edges. Certainly not yet the whiz-bang he would grow into. A super-hero work in progress.

Surprisingly...and pleasingly so...it is the plot surrounding a young Jim Gordon (way before becoming Gotham's police commisioner) that will hold your attention.

Gordon is flawed but much cooler than expected. And truly not one to trifle with.

Legendary Frank Miller's writing is dead on the money as usual. And though sometimes not a big fan of David Mazzucchelli's art styling...this time...he manages to capture just the right underground flavor with his 'Bat pen'.

Good stuff!

Crack The Sky's self-titled debut... was named Rolling Stone's "Album of the Year" in 1975.
Three years later...the group broke up. (Thankfully, the band has since reformed and is again touring.)

"Crack The Sky" (1975) is filled with nine crispy rock jams sprinkled with dashes of prog that sound...cutting and fresh.

CTS songs were smart. Interesting. And without forgetting the hooks.

Crack The Sky (live 1990) "Hold On". Good Stuff!

A lost diamond.
Good stuff!

Crack The Sky:-->"Sleep" (Crack The Sky) (1975) (Must Own)


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Oh, this is tasty! I missed this when it came around (there was so much to listen to, you know), but I'm going to have to dig further. Thanks, Casey! (My fingers did not work well when I began this comment, and I had to backspace, or I would have said something like "kepskklle!" On the other hand, this is that good: kepskklle!")

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