Saturday, July 26, 2008

Track 4:-->"Icy Blue Heart" - John Hiatt - (Slow Turning) - (1988)

"She came onto him like a slow movin' cold front.
His beer was warmer than the look in her eyes.
She sat on a stool...
He said, "What do you want?"
She said, "Give me a love that don't freeze up inside."
John Hiatt

This is the musical medicine I take when I'm coming loose. Feeling out of step.

When I need the occasional, but necessary, emotional feel connected with the world again.

John Hiatt provides the perfect prescription with his joyous and sometimes heart-aching classic..."Slow Turning" (1988).

Up-tempo songs like "Drive South"..."Trudy And Dave"..."Georgia Rae" are guaranteed to throw a smile on your face.

Wonderful ballads like "Is Anybody There"..."Feels Like Rain"..."Icy Blue Heart" hits the mark.

And crank-it numbers like "Slow Turning"..."Ride Along"..."Paper Thin" balances it all out.

John Hiatt - "Slow Turning" on Letterman

Filled with clever metaphors and similes, infectious Hiatt paints twelve solid songs with precise emotional strokes...assuring his listeners will experience a shared...head-nodding understanding.

Track 4 is "Icy Blue Heart"...a beautifully sad ballad about two love-jaded strangers meeting at a bar. Unforgettable!

John Hiatt music is made for warm summer drives and cool house parties. A lost classic.
Good stuff!


John Hiatt:-->"Icy Blue Heart" (Slow Turning) (1988) (Must Own)


-tom said...

Great pick ! Probably my favorite Hiatt disc.

Anonymous said...

Have just discovered your blog after noticing it on several blogrolls over the last few months or so. Loving everything you're doing here - DVD stuff makes for great reading. Have linked to you on my blog and will be coming back for more! Keep up the great work.

Casey said...

Agnes...Thanks for the kind words. Hope you become a regular visitor.

It looks like you are working your blog very nicely. I plan to share your site with my friends.
Good stuff!

Tom...great to hear from you again. Agnes...if you read must check out Tom's blog.
It's really strong!

Anonymous said...

Right back at ya Casey - thanks for your nice words also! I think I came here from Tom's blog actually, which is also on my blogroll. I now consider myself a regular reader of both!