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Track 4:-->"Child Of The Novelty" - Mahogany Rush - (Child Of The Novelty) - (1974)

"Well he loved and laughed and floated past
the echoes of a velvet mind.
That whispered fairy tales untold ...
That kissed his mind, caressed his soul."
Mahogany Rush"

Mahogany Rush...led by guitar buzzmeister Frank Marino...was/is a classic psychedelic blues/rock band heavily influenced by the legendary Jimi Hendrix.

And listening to this 1974 can easily hear the vocal cantation and guitar stylings of Jimi.

However, Marino shreds and caresses with his own throwback guitar magic and gives the listener ten original tracks that will pleasantly surprise the uninitiated.

"Chains Of Space" quickly comes to mind as well as "Talkin' 'Bout A Feelin"...being lost classics in need of rediscovery.

Track 4 is "Child Of The Novelty"...a gentle tale about a young man's innocence and the ugly world of greed-leeches. I didn't want to like this one for some reason...but I had this song swirling in my brain for days after hearing it for the first time. Pretty nice.

Heavily into LSD in the early '70s....Marino named his band after a particularly vivid...trip.
The album cover was Marino's attempt at sharing his acid journey.

"Child of the Novelty"  -  Mahogany Rush (1974)

Good stuff 

Casey Chambers 
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Anonymous said...

Saw Mahogany Rush here in Austin Texas with Vixen the opener in March 75 at the Armadillo World Headquarters! I knew their setup ahead of time from the Child of the Novelty album cover! Me and 3 friends got their early and I went stage front right between Marino and Ayoob! I stood there with elbows on the stage and there were a small bunch of folks already there yelling "Sit down" from the back, held my ground and the place started filling up!

Me and my friends were the only ones standing amongst the crowd! Then I about lost it when the crew drug out that big rug with foot pedals, phase shifters, etc,etc and placed them practically in front of me! I knew what I was in for and had my instamatic 126 camera ready, btw Vixen was not taken too well, we all wanted Mahogany Rush!

A crew guy comes out and tunes Marino`s SG and the wicked "Strat"and it was lound n sweet! Frank Marino and the guys come out, When Marino starts playing the whole freaking crowd rushed the stage, glad I stood my ground!

The whole crowd just stood there in awe with their mouths open as he played "Talkin about a feeling, "Electric reflections of war", " New rock and roll ", " Guitwar ", " Land of a thousand nights " Star spangled banner " and others!

And when Frank plated the Strat that was so Hendrix it was`nt even funny! One of the best shows I saw in 75 along with Robin Trower 7 Black Sabbath!

Seen Mahogany Rush live in 75, 76, 77 & 79 as a three piece which was oh so cool!

Get this Frank Marino was only 21 yrs. old when I saw him live in 75! Franks heritage is an Italian/Sicilian father and a Lebanese/Syrian mother!


Casey said...

That was a fantastic comment. Thanks for taking the time to share a terrific memory. Made me feel I was almost there.
Didn't realize Marino was so young in '75.

I've heard that "...Headquarters" was a venue that has seen many a respectable band take the floor... but sadly I've never had the chance to stick my head in there myself.

Funny you mention Trower.
I've had family come over and swear it was Mahogany & Trower on the turntable...or no party.
Thanks for dropping in.