Monday, July 21, 2008

Book Buzz:-->"365 Days" by Ronald J. Glasser (1971)

"Cause I know you'll live forever.
And I know we're still together...
through your music and your love.
Take me back."
38 Special

The title refers to the amount of time a soldier...drafted or otherwise...had to pull in Vietnam before being allowed to return home.

Ronald J. Army doctor during the Vietnam War...recounts the physical and mental challenges young combat veterans regularly faced...through his all-to-intimate conversations with injured soldiers he tried to mend.

Dr. Glasser also learned quickly how a diagnosis and recommendation for an injured soldier could sometimes create negative consequences.

For instance, a soldier might lose some or all his days served if sent home early to recuperate.
Thus, many doctors tried to loophole this unfair treatment, especially when a hurt soldier was close to his end of tour.
"365 Days" (288 pages) reads very fast and leaves the reader with a dreadful sense of helplessness.

A powerful account of the various angles of the Vietnam War.
Good stuff!


"Special Delivery"
(1977)...was the second album by southern rock band... 38 Special. They were still honing their sound...not breaking big until 1980's..."Rockin' Into The Night".

Led by Donnie Van Zant (younger brother of the great Ronnie Van Zant) "...Delivery" has a more earthy southern crunch...not feeling over-produced and calculated as some of their later arena-anthems would.
Sadly, not available on CD...yet...but certainly should be.
Good stuff!

38 Special:-->"Take Me Back" (Special Delivery) (1977)
(Must Own)

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