Thursday, May 15, 2008

Book Buzz:-->"The Frontiersmen" by Allan W. Eckert (1967)

Walk Don't Run/
Secret Agent Man Medley"
Junior Brown

Wow! From beginning to end..."The Frontiersmen"...simply and unequivocally blew my freakin' mind. I can't wait to turn my friends on to this gem.

Historical novelist Allan W. Eckert has weaved a spell-bounding tale of our expansion west into the areas around Ohio, Virginias and Kentucky during the time of the late 18th century.

We learn about the skills of the frontiersmen...both in protecting settlers new to the areas, as well as safely exploring deeper into the wilderness. And, Eckert, also introduces the many various tribes of native Americans living in those areas and fairly presents their struggles with respect as well.

A solid page turner, we quickly learn that neither side had a monopoly on brutality. The various ways of inflicting pain are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Humans are amazing in their ability to create suffering on each other.

"The Frontiersmen" (721 pages) has been elevated to one of my all-time favorites and would be the perfect book for introducing anyone to the joys of reading. Good stuff!


Look up the one of the pictures you'll find there is Junior Brown.

With his double guit-steel guitar over his shoulder and a distinct country nasal voice that puts all the pretty boy country wanna-be singers in their places, Junior Brown delivers just the right attitude. JB simply kicks the proverbial butt.

"Semi-Crazy" (1996) is the perfect musical flashlight for anyone left in the dark. This underrated country rebel out of Arizona keeps it real on this lost gem. A great CD to add to your musical crayon box. Good stuff!


Junior Brown:-->"Surf Medley" (Semi-Crazy) (1996) (Must Own)

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