Thursday, April 24, 2008

Track 4:-->"You Gotta Roll" - Bloodrock - "Bloodrock 3" - (1971)

"Listen to me people.
There's just one way to go.
Go ahead and ask me.
Believe me I know.
Believe me I know.
You gotta roll."

Bloodrock was a 6 member band out of Texas that tried to carry the flag of "heavy metal" during the early 1970s. The group was similar to Grand Funk Railroad but with the added niche of occasionally creating songs that were filled with a more darker atmospheric sound...ala Steppenwolf.

In fact, each Bloodrock album had at least one song that was at home with the darkness...most notably "D.O.A." from Bloodrock 2 (1970)...famous for wailing ambulance sirens and beautifully creepy organ chords that accompanied the 1st person story of a victim dying from a plane crash.

This song surprisingly received heavy AM rotation and helped the album "Bloodrock 2" achieve gold status.

Bloodrock 3, however, is the stronger record. Filled with more memorable songs and solid riffs, along with vocals (Jim Rutledge) that easily rivals Mark Farners'(Grand Funk).

The only Bloodrock performance I could find.
"Lucky In The Morning" from Bloodrock 2.

Track 4 is "You Gotta Roll" energetic tune with a slight southern rock feel that would not have been out of place on a Molly Hatchet record. The song also displays some tasty guitar work from Lee Pickens. Nice!

I'm not going to sit here and try to convince you this is a must own CD for your collection. However,if the macabre classic..."D.O.A" all you know of's not truly a fair representation of the band's music.

Pick up Bloodrock 3 and you might discover a CD that "out-Grand Funk's the Railroad".
Good stuff.


Bloodrock:-->"You Gotta Roll" (Bloodrock 3) (1971) (Own It)

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